A rustic experience in the heart of Bangkok
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A rustic experience in the heart of Bangkok

Back to basics

About Eatery is the first natural wine bar in Thailand, where customers can experience straightforward, simple and honest conviviality that only comes with true, genuine hospitality.

Our core values are simplicity, quality and value for money.

The food and drinks are what create a relaxed and cozy environment. We offer comfort food with Mediterranean influences, paired with a selection of organic, biodynamic, natural wines, and craft beers.

The focus caters to the quality of the ingredients. The customers can experience our different corners, choosing among natural wines, craft beers, charcuterie and cheese, raw bar and deli.

The concept bloomed from Giulio Saverino’s passion for natural wine, and the idea to create a hearty and cozy place to enjoy this peculiar type of wine together with other drinks and food symbolizing authenticity and quality.

Giulio Saverino has been in Thailand since 2000, becoming an important member of the F&B scene, managing Giusto Restaurant, and working with Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit, Bed Supperclub, and many others. He is a certified sommelier from the Italian Sommelier Association (AIS) and an expert wine lover, with a keen eye for unique wines with a strong personality.

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A warm and welcoming place thanks to the use of wood and red bricks, About Eatery wants to create a dining and drinking experience that goes beyond the regular restaurant. Our goal is to allow the customer to experience our products and to learn more about them. We do it through black boards and screen, to display the characteristics and the details of our food, wines and craft beers. All the wines in the wine shop area are presented with a wine card, detailing the characteristics of the wine, including residual sugar, sulphites, and if it is suitable for vegetarians or vegans. The same happens with our craft beers and food. We wanted to create a vibrant and dynamic environment where the customer comes to have a full rounded experience and not only to sit at his/her table.

The customer is part of About Eatery, checking our wines, moving around the various corners and choosing what s/he prefers.


About Eatery is the first wine bar and wine shop in Thailand specialized in Organic, Biodynamic and Natural Wine. occhipinti wine

The term ‘vin naturel’ – natural wine – was revived in France during the 1980s to describe a process of ‘natural’ fermentation, with minimal intervention in the viticulture process. Natural wines are created without the use of commercial yeasts which stamp their deadening flavor on all wines in which they are used. No enzymes are added, or sugars or colors or oak chips or anything else that is used to artificially bolster the flavor of wine. Technology is eschewed, too. Micro-oxygenation, reverse osmosis and other new processes for ‘adjusting’ wine are not used for natural wines. This lack of industrial processes and chemical additives preserves the healthiness of the wine. About Eatery is the first place natural wine bar in Thailand, where you can find the so-called “Orange Wine”.

Orange wine is simply white wine made like a red wine. It takes on characteristics of both (strength, tannins, fruit, minerality) and pairs easily with many foods. Although the recent interest in orange wine, its origins are ancient, and can track back to first wine makers.pouring orange wine decanter

For each wine we provide in-depth information because we believe you should know what you are buying.

We also believe that wine is not a luxury and should be accessible to everybody. That is why we sell our wines at retail prices.


Craft beer bars have been around for decades but recently more and more restaurants are beginning to shape their menus around craft beer and not only wine. This new trend will engage craft beer drinkers through a variety of services and experiences. About Eatery focuses on serving imported craft beer mainly from Italy, Norway, USA and Japan, which pair well with the our rustic food. We will have also have some exclusive new arrival for the Thai craft beer market.


At the top of our food philosophy are flavor, taste and quality

Too often these essential elements of food are sacrificed to appearance and gimmicks.
Everything we do is based upon our desire to bring together culinary art and rustic comfort food.tuna red wine with salad and oranges

We employ classic techniques and creative thinking to prepare minimally processed cuisine that is delicious, vibrant and nutritious. Our focus is on organic products, in season, perfectly cooked, and to be enjoyed with friends.

Our mission is to provide our customers delicious, unique, and affordable dishes each inspired by the authentic approach to cooking, common throughout all cultures of the world.

By combining the freshest local ingredients with fundamental cooking techniques, at About Eatery we focus on flavours, not fireworks.

Our customers will be able to eat at the Chef’s table, with seats at the counter to experience the raw bar activities, and witness our chef skills.

Our Deli Corner focuses on artisan cold cuts and cheeses. We want to promote local farms and serve real, honest food by putting to the forefront small businesses focusing on quality instead of quantity, while making sure that the consumer is aware of the true origins.

Our Raw Food Menu is something unique, created by using the best produces and following a simple concept: to apply less heat to food to preserve the nutrients and the flavors. This allows the ingredients to dominate, be the core of the dish, and create a healthy yet delicious dish.