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Champagne gun

France is a country where the finer things are made, haute couture, exquisite food, beautiful design, magnificent art throughout the ages and of course fine wines. You wouldn’t expect a country that’s renowned for it’s elegant culture to come up with a gun that shoots champagne up to 7 meters.

Yet a French company recently launched this product and it is really the last thing the world needs. Nonetheless it is here, flaunting its shiny existence in the hands of people who’d rather waste champagne than enjoy it. I assume when you don’t have to think twice before buying several magnum bottles of champagne, the gun only holds magnum bottles, you don’t care about drinking them. The thrill lies in the buying and subsequently emptying of the bottle. What happens to the champagne after the bottle is empty is of little consequence.champagne gun shower

The contraption doesn’t come cheap either. Priced at a modest $ 459 it unsurprisingly comes in gold, rose gold and chrome and gold. You can also pour from it or use it as decoration the website claims. Yet their promo video shows it’s a lot more fun emptying it on another person or in an empty pool.

Another selling point is that it looks like the archetypical 1920’s Thompson gun making you look incredibly cool. If you’re a man you will need to hit the gym for a while before you’re allowed to use it. As a woman, well, I don’t think I need to explain how you need to look if you want to handle the champagne gun.pouring champagne

The rich have always found ways to molest craftsmanship, the champagne gun being the latest example of this. With less water available for Songkran this year this device could perhaps make a good alternative for the more affluent citizens of the country. I’m sure it will prove popular with them.


[Article by Alexander Eeckhout]