Wine n’ About | 1st Bangkok Natural Wine Festival
1st Bangkok Natural Wine Festival

Press Release

Date:  March 29 to April 2, 2017

Venue: About Eatery, Ocean Tower II, Bangkok, Thailand

Contact: Mr Giulio Saverino Tel 02 665 2772 or e-mail:

The last couple of years have been good for Natural Wine!

Natural Wine Bars and events are popping up all over the world, and Bangkok can’t stay behind. That’s why, About Eatery, decided to host the first event dedicated to Organic, Biodynamic and Natural wines only coming from all over the world.

Goal of the “Bangkok Natural Wine Invasion” is to share knowledge and to create an opportunity to experience Natural Wine. A wine, good for your health, vegan friendly, free of added chemicals prior and during the fermentation. A wine, very different in color, smell and structure but as delicate and sophisticated as many traditional wines are.

The “Bangkok Natural Wine Invasion” further aims, to support producers, importers & distributors and any other party involved in this new trend for Thailand but well known internationally .It is our goal to have Natural Wine not only available at the top restaurants in Bangkok but all over the country.

The “Bangkok Natural Wine Invasion” will be a regular event in Thailand and held annually. 2017 is the first one and launch event of this exiting wine Festival.


“The Bangkok Natural Wine Invasion” is a five days festival presenting some of the best Natural Wines of the world. The event features the most exciting collection of Natural, Organic and Biodynamic Wines. Unique and never experienced till today in Thailand!

The Concept

How do we define Natural Wine?

Natural Wines are pure, a true expression of terroir; they are kind to the planet, kinder to your health and absolutely delicious. There are no labels, certifications, or strict rules when it comes to natural wine. There are, however, guidelines most natural winemakers follow. The wines featured at the festival adhere to the following characteristics:

  • Viticulture are Organic, Biodynamic or Natural (no need certification on the label)
  • Hand harvested
  • Fermentation is spontaneous using natural yeast
  • Natural yeast
  • No fining
  • No filtering
  • Sulphite SO2 does Not exceed the total sulphite:
    • Red Wine 80 mg/L
    • White Wine 90 mg/L
    • Sweet Wine 210 mg/L

The festival will take place over 5 days, celebrating artisan growers who employ minimal intervention methods in the vineyard and winery. For the first time in Thailand, we will re-unite a wide range of Natural Wine from all over the world. The wines will all be available for tasting and producers & importers will present their products to consumers, wine trade professionals and members of the press. Over 50 wines will be available as well as a fine selection of artisan food.

Each of the first days of the festival, a different producer will organize an event, workshop or seminar, for attendees to learn more about the world of Natural Wine. The Grand Finale will take place Sunday April 2 as a Wine Fair. All 50 wines and artisan foods are available for tasting and purchasing. Tickets for the fair are available for 500 THB net.

For more information or tickets please contact

Mr Giulio Saverino, Tel 02 665 2772 or e-mail: