Spoons over Knives
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Spoons over Knives

Outside, people are sitting in their car. They’re waiting for the car in front of them to move a couple of centimeters, so they can do the same. It’s Loy Krathong and people are trying to get near a body of water to be thankful for this and that. Motorcycles slowly make their way upstream, a red light turns green somewhere and the convoy moves along always followed by more.

Yet you wouldn’t notice. You wouldn’t notice sitting in the urban oasis of old world charm that is Seven Spoons. The street is a pleasant ambient background coming through the large glass front. The interior transports you to the 1920s in a charming and minimal way without the use of clunky accessories or over the top decorations.seven spoons bangkok outside

Enough about decor. Food and drinks is what sets this place apart. The restaurant has an extensive menu featuring originally crafted dishes. Most dishes seem to be Mediterranean in style with a more sandwich/wrap approach for lunch.

Although they have a large menu, including changing chef’s specials, the food is always delicate and delicious. The gnocchi with Gorgonzola sauce and chickpea spinach balls (240 B) are out of this world and the crab ravioli (240 B) are to die for. The mango salsa shrimp soft taco (160 B) is lovely, sweet and succulent yet can’t beat the Vienna Sausages with apple sauerkraut (120 B). The latter are categorized on the menu under appetizers/hors d’oeuvre/bar food.tortellini with sage seven spoons bangkok

The bar holds his own and you can definitely walk in for just a couple of drinks. The bar food, as described above, is excellent if you want a light snack with your drink. The drinks menu consists out of mostly cocktails and beers. The wine list is modest at one house white and one house red. This is compensated by their long cocktail menu. The cocktails consist of classics such as Negroni’s (250 B), Old Fashioned’s (250 B) and Dry Martini’s (250 B) plus their signature cocktails inspired by the classics. There’s only a couple of places in Bangkok where you can find a well executed classic cocktail and Seven Spoons is one of them.

If you order a Dry Martini you’ll be asked if you want vodka or gin and whether you want olives or lemon peel. I’ll trust you’ll do the civilized thing.

The beer list used to consist of only Singha, Heineken and Beerlao but it has been revamped. Now it features a range of American and Italian craft beers such as Kagua Rogue (280 B) and Menabrea (220B). Thai brewer Udom Suk is also strongly present with five beers all going for 190 Baht, proving again that the local craft scene is no joke and can deliver consistently good brews.golden spoon cocktails seven spoons bangkok

The restaurant lies on the edge of Chinatown on the corner of Jor Por Ror and Chakkrapatipong road making it not the most central location. Apart from that Seven Spoons does an excellent job and delivers a wonderful experience every time. You should try it.

Seven Spoons

Lunch: 11 am to 3pm Tuesday to Saturday

Dinner: 6pm to 1am, except Monday

Kitchen closes at 10:30

The corner of Jor Por Ror (JPR) and Chakkrapatipong (22-24 Chakkrapatipong Road)

Tel. 02.6299214

Mobile 08.45391819



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