Wine n’ About | A Courageous Afternoon
A Courageous Afternoon


Courageous Bangkok urged us to “Be Courageous.” If last Sunday’s feast was an act of courage, I am volunteering for the front lines. Armed with a disposable yet sustainable fork and a glass of wine. Didn’t Hemingway say that courage is grace under pressure?

20161009_172438There certainly was plenty of grace present at the sustainable food event. Delicate Kumamoto oysters from THEOYSTERBAR, amazing salmon tartare from Eat Me, scrumptious black cod, poached in a pool of butter, by Bunker, tender pork cheeks with fava beans by Appia and many other delicacies.

It’s safe to say that the food was the highlight of the event. Sampling some of the best restaurants in Bangkok was a true delight. None of the food was disappointing; every kitchen lived up to its reputation.

Drinks were well taken care of too. Excellent wines were provided by Wine Garage, Be:Spoke Fine Wine and Wine gallery. Beervana brought the craft beers, and Aperol provided spritzes for the thirsty crowd. Raitong Organics provided non-alcoholic delights in the form of ginger fizz.

The event proved to be successful, even too successful. Tickets sold out after less than two hours and towards the end of the event the W Hotel had to cook extra food for the enormous crowd. There were a little too many oyster dishes and Gaggan, who was supposed to have a stand, was nowhere to be seen. The event was also supposed to promote sustainability but apart from a bicycle-powered blender, there wasn’t much going on.


But those are only minor details. The food was glorious, the location fantastic and everyone seemed happy. Add to that good music, and a couple of drinks, and you have got yourself a delightful afternoon, worthy of repeating.