Where to get your dram on
Where to get your dram on

-dram |dram|


1 a small drink of whisky or other spirits (often used in humorous imitation of Scottish speech): a wee dram to ward off the winter chill.

-to get (something) on

idiomatic expression

to participate in a certain activity, to get a certain activity started

Today we present you with a list of whisky bars in Bangkok. It’s not a best whisky bars list or coolest or most underground because we don’t believe in that. It is a list, however, of places that are nice and have a decent range of whiskies beyond Sang Som or Johnnie Red*. We’ll leave determining which ones are the best up to you.

The big boys


Brash and flamboyant. It has one of the most extensive whisky menus in town as well as a large cigar menu. Both locations serve food. It has that hi-so touch to it but if you don’t mind that it’s a great bar.

Open everyday from noon till midnight

16 Sukhumvit Soi 23


Open everyday from 2pm till 2am

981 Silom, Bangkok


Distildistil lebua

If you don’t mind the tourists, Distil offers a wide range of authentic malts with an amazing view. Lebua’s Distil is a flight of stairs up from the more famous sky bar making for a less crowded experience.

Open everyday from 5pm till 1am


64th floor at State Tower, 1055 Silom Road, Bangrak, Bangkok

-The Speakeasyspeakeasy muse bangkok

On the 24th and 25th floor of Hotel Muse, this bar is more known for its cocktails. Yet their whisky menu is nonetheless impressive. It’s similar in style to Whisgars only more private and intimate.

Open everyday from 6pm till 1am

24/25th floor at Hotel Muse Bangkok, Langsuan, 55/555 Lan Suan, Bangkok


-Balcony Lounge & Humidorintercontinental

Dark, leather couches, mahogany and ashtrays you’d like to slip in your pocket if it were large enough. The Intercontinental Hotel’s whisky and cigar spot delivers with a long list of malt whiskies as well as cigars.

Open everyday from 8 till 1am

Intercontinental Bangkok, 973 Ploen Chit Rd., Bangkok


The Japanese

-Hanakarutahanakaruta bangkok

Behind the bartender is a great wall of bottles consisting mostly of Japanese sakes and whiskies. Add to this impeccable service and a stylish and discrete décor and you have whisky tasting heaven.

Open everyday from 5pm till midnight

36/4 Sukhumvit Soi 39, Bangkok


-Yoichi Nikkayoichi nikka

In the vicinity of Hanakurata, and indeed, many other Japanese establishments, this bar and restaurant focuses mostly on Hokaido food and whiskies. Whiskies you’ll have a hard time finding anywhere else.

Open from Monday till Saturday, from 4pm till 1pm

6/11 Sukhumvit Soi 39, Bangkok


-Nori’s barnori's bar

The bartender/owner used to work for other Japanese bars and restaurants before opening his tiny intimate affair. Next to cocktails and other drinks the focus is mainly on Japanese whiskies. It’s worth, almost advisable, to go there just by yourself.

Open daily from 8pm till 2am

3th floor at Baan, 47/1 Sukhumvit Soi 49, Bangkok



The others

It would be a bit of a stretch to call the following places, whisky bars. Let’s label them as fun places that serve good whisky as well.

-Moosemoose bangkok

This industrial loft style bar serves Thai food and a range of drinks. Expect a relaxing environment except during events or parties. They have a small but decent list of blended whiskies and single malts.

Open everyday from 5pm till 1am

24 Ekkamai Soi 21, Bangkok


-Studio Lamstudio lam

If you want to have a quiet drink and listen to some rare vinyl go on weekdays when there’s no events or parties scheduled. They serve few but interesting single malts.

Open from Tuesday till Sunday, from 6pm till 2am

Sukhumvit soi 51, Bangkok, Thailand



-Smallssmalls bangkok

Smalls is a tad expensive but an impressive bar nonetheless. The interior is a bit like Iron Fairies’ only more elegant. Their well stocked bar always packs some strong whiskies.

Open from Wednesday till Monday, from 7pm – 2am

186/3 Suanphlu Soi 1, Bangkok


-Cheap Charlie’scheap charlie's

Calling this one a whisky bar is indeed a very far stretch but if you’re looking for an 80 baht Jack Daniels or Jameson, you’ll find them there.


*I know, technically, it’s a rum, in Thailand it’s categorized as a whisky. When in Rome…