The Achievables
The Achievables

We’re not February yet. This means that you’re still making full and enthusiastic use of that gym subscription. You’re still cooking out of that healthy, weight loss, detox cookbook. It’s been almost two weeks since you smoked a cigarette. It looks like we’re going to make it this year.

But, oh no. What’s that on the horizon? It’s the slacker’s month. It’s February! “I’m going to get take out today but then I’ll cook tomorrow and on Saturday!” -or- “It’s only one cigarette, I’m not going to start smoking again.” Before you know it, it’s March and your new year’s resolutions are on death row waiting for their final day which will probably somewhere in April.

It’s not your fault; it’s the human condition. Wine ‘n About’s research team looked deep into this problem. After an intense, six-month study they arrived at the following conclusion. New year’s resolutions are achievable if you pick achievable goals. These were some of their suggestions:

-Help a stranger, an attractive one, sitting at the other end of the wine bar, buy them a drink. Have another one yourself. If the stranger doesn’t want your drink, drink it yourself to console yourself.

(Pro-tip: Buy somebody a drink you like yourself. You can drink it afterwards if they decline your offer.)drinking wine with a stranger

-Consume more fruits, especially in the form of juice. We heard grape juice is healthiest. Especially when it’s fermented in oak casks.grape juice

-Spend less time online and more time with real bottles people.

-Read more. From reducing stress to improving cognitive functions, reading comes with many benefits. We’re not saying that you should read the collected works of Dickens or War and Peace. Start with something short and easy, like a wine label. And don’t forget to reward yourself after making an effort!wine books

-Don’t be so hard on yourself this year. Don’t! Love yourself and show it too. If you don’t know how to show your self-love, think about yourself as an attractive stranger at a wine bar. How would you show your love to that stranger?

We hope these grand tips help. And if you don’t do new year’s resolutions, we don’t blame you. They’re only invented in the 1960’s by ad executives to sell more gym subscriptions and healthy cookbooks anyway.


[Article by Alexander Eeckhout]