Wine n’ About | Ultimate Gifts Guide For Wine Lover
Ultimate Gifts Guide For Wine Lover

breadsWine lovers can be the easiest and hardest to buy for, because either they have everything or they’ve just begun to assemble an arsenal of gadgets. This gift guide gives you options for both novices and experts, from a new bottle opener for the budding wine lover to a vacuum wine preserver for the complete wine nerd. There’s a gift for all budgets too.

It’s time to start stressing about the perfect gift for the wine lover in your life. Allow me to save you some time, as I’ve been stressing since last month, compiling this ultimate guide to cool wine things. This year’s compilation has a design theme—focusing mainly on artisanal decanters, space saving wine racks and just clever, trending concepts in wine.

If you know of something extraordinary that I’ve missed please comment and let me know.  Cheers to many happy, surprised gift recipients in your life this year—and look for my actual wine gift guide in the coming weeks—a feature about which special wines you should consider for that special someone.



1. Instant Wine Chiller by Ravi

Keep it cool with the pop pump

Keep the effervescence in an open bottle with this new pump-stopper designed to create high pressure in a bottle. It’s suitable for all types of effervescent wines … and it fits all necks!



2. Vignon Wine Thermometer by Menu

Stylish tool before serving

A fine wine should be served at the appropriate temperature and Jakob Wagner’s thermometer gives you a stylish tool to accomplish this.

Attached like a belt, the thermometer accurately reads the temperature within minutes on a digital display. Robust design can take all the abuse of kitchen life, in addition to the attention of your young ones. The design fits easily into drawers to be readily available when you need it. Cheers!


3. Repurposed Airplane Trolley by Skypak

Eco yet useful

The Repurposed Airplane Trolley by Skypak is a unique refrigerator, ideal for wine, beer, and other beverages.

Made using reclaimed and upcycled wood from authentic wine barrels carefully selected from a famous chateaux in Europe and handcrafted to perfection in Germany.


4. Wine & Cheese Cooler Picnic Backpack

Experience the difference

Compact Thermal Shield insulated wine and cheese cooler includes: Acrylic glasses, napkins, corkscrew, bottle stopper, cheese knife, and hardwood cutting board. This unique set holds two bottles and can be used as a three bottle carrier with glasses removed. Includes adjustable padded bottle dividers. Attractive slim profile case has a comfortable adjustable shoulder strap to carry.


5. Swirl Wine Carrier by XD Design

Minimalism Wine Carrier

Very elegant black Luxury Wine Carrier with red accents, manufactured in EVA with two wine glasses as part of the set (bottle of wine not included). Add a bottle of your preferred wine and it makes an excellent gift package


6. Types of Wine Poster

Sharp and clean way to know wines

In case you can’t master all the flavors and distinctions, this poster is a friendly reminder of everything a true wine connoisseur needs to know.


7. Penguin Corkscrew

Penguins can’t fly…but they can help opening the next bottle of wine!

Made with white oak wood and stainless steel, this convenient and portable sommelier knife or “waiter’s friend” features a corkscrew in a folding body similar to a pocket knife. A small foil cutter folds out from the other end to cut the wrapping off of the wine bottle. Also features a bottle opener for opening soda and beer


8. Wine & Snack Trays

Hand free drinking

With only one hand you can hold snacks and a glass of wine. Keep a hand free while enjoying wine and snacks. Snacks go on tray, wine glass rests in cut-out laminated walnut, cherry, padauk and maple finishes. Easy care wipe with damp cloth and towel dry. Clever design ends awkwardness and spills. Hold food and drink comfortably, even if there’s no table in sight!

89. Assouline Fine Wines: The Best Vintages Since 1900 By Michel Dovaz Hardcover Book

For those who’s in love (with wine)

Take a wine tour through the 20th century with this exquisite, authoritative book on the world’s best vintages and where to find them. Written by Christie’s wine department’s senior consultant and author Michel Dovaz, it’s a rich, evocative read that places each year within its historical context. Indulge your inner sommelier and drink in this sumptuous tome.