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Do you know all the different styles of wine?

Classifying wine by style categories makes easier to understand the thousand of wine varieties and regions.

Ten Main Categories of Wine

All wines can be organized into ten main groups; within each group there are hundreds of different grape varieties and different winemaking styles.

Wines can be categorized not only by their grape types, but also by their aromas and flavors, and many other complex factors that determine the character and peculiarities of a specific category.

In this infographic we describe the 10 main wine n’ about categories, giving a short description of each category, the level of sweetness, acidity, body, and tannins (for the red wines). You can also learn which are the color and the typical aromas of a specific category!

Why don’t you try to use the wine n’ about categories to find your perfect wine on our Find my wine? Enjoy it! And stay tuned for our infographics on each category, explaining the main rules of food pairing for each category!wine n' about categories