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Beat The Heat In Style

The thought alone of summer makes us melt. The oppressive heat this time of the year brings makes us want to close the blinds, put the AC on the coldest setting and watch a documentary about the North Pole.

Or, instead of hiding in our cool yet dark confinements, we can also make merry. We can invite some friends, open a couple of bottles and have ourselves a fun party.

Because when the sun shines hard, all we can do is shine back even harder. Fortunately, we found some great accessories to help you do exactly that. We listed five different fun and funky drinking items to help you through the Thai summer in style.

Safari Drink Stirrers : Stir every cocktail to a success with these animal stirrers.

Brass Pineapple Cup : This cup isn’t cheap, but isn’t it glorious? It’s made out of brass so it’ll last a lifetime plus it’s funky yet timeless design will have you sipping cocktails in style for many summers to come.

Inflatable Palm Tree Drinks Cooler : Hide your drinks between the foliage with this inflatable palm tree drinks cooler. One thing we like about this is that it won’t take up a lot of storage space. The other thing we like about it is, well, we don’t have to stress how fun this looks.


Luchador Bottle Openers : There’s nothing better than wrestling a beer open with these Mexican style bottle openers.


Shot Ice Cube Mold : Ice cubes are a surefire way to keep your drink cold. But what if the ice cube was the actual glass? With this mold, you can make your own ice cube shot glasses. Added bonus, no washing up afterwards.


[Article by Alexander Eeckhout]