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Top 10 Wine Apps
The Super Wine Power in Your Hand
Regarding new apps that make our lives easier, most people are open to trying new things. However, when it comes to food and drink, we are much more reluctant. Using an app to order a product, buy a plane ticket, or send mom a birthday gift is no big deal, but to let technology decide what we put in our mouths, well, that’s where many draw the line.8566713958_641c7c3be1_z

This is particularly true regarding tastes in wines. Wine preferences are a very personal matter and it’s quite understandable that wine lovers are traditionally quite hesitant, and often resistant, to let technology play with their personal palates.
When selecting wines, we tend to rely only on our own instincts, either wines we have personally tasted before and enjoyed or wines that trusted friends recommend to us. One simply doesn’t leave wine selection to chance.
Fortunately, modern-day technology can cut out some of the guesswork in selecting a great bottle of wine. Let’s see our top picked on the applications that would make your life and wine harmonized beautifully and for instance, easier!
So, you’ve just been invited to dinner and your new sister-in-law asks you to pick up some white wine on your way over. If you are not a white wine drinker, you may not know the best year, type, or region to look for. This app gives information on 55 different regions and grape varieties to help you pick the right wine for the party. Plus, with a monthly subscription, you can look up 300,000 wine reviews to be sure the vineyard you select is worth the cost.
If you’ve ever been on a wine tasting tour, you’ll know that there are always a handful of wines you loved, but didn’t get the name of. Thus, forgetting the important information needed to find them again in the future. This app lets you take a picture of any wine label and it will identify the vintage, winemaker, and name. You can build a virtual wine cellar to keep track of everything you’ve tasted on your wine-soaked adventures.
Similar to the Delectable Wine app, this lets you find out more about the wine you are drinking by identifying vintage, winemaker, and name. You can read reviews of different selections from more than four million users. Plus, add wines to your wish list for future purchases.
Maybe you don’t have the means or time to actually spend an afternoon wine tasting. That doesn’t mean you can’t have the same access to high quality wine. With this app, not only can you scan the label to get more information, but you can also order wine from hand-selected recommendations and have the sweet nectar delivered right to your door.
Like a good office manager needs an assistant, a productive wine drinker needs a assistant for finding the best quality libations for their needs. This app creates the right list of recommendations based on what you like. You won’t be stuck browsing through expensive ports when all you want is a reasonably priced bottle of Pinot Noir for a party. With the insider wine deals, you’ll actually be able to save money while you drink.
Understanding the wide variety of wine options is sort of like understanding chemistry. This app features a Table of Grapes that is not unlike the Periodic Table of Elements. Learn about whites through reds, listed alphabetically. Find out more about each type of wine and what goes best with which meal. Plus, find out current news from the grapevine (pardon the pun). Never mispronounce a wine type again with the included pronunciation guide.
When out on a first date, the last thing you want to do is make the mistake of ordering the wrong type of wine to go with dinner. However, not everyone likes every type of wine. This app offers wine pairing suggestions that cover more than simply “red” or “white.” Plus, with the active community using WineClr, you’ll be able to share your tastes and experiences with others. It’s like Facebook for wine.
Once you’ve become a true wine connoisseur, you’ll find yourself overstocked with wine, hopefully safely stored in a temperature-controlled cellar. This app lets you organize your collection and keep track of wines that are ready now or bottles that could use a few more months (or years) of aging. Enter the given information on your bottles to generate suggestions for drinking windows for your collection. You’ll have the best-organized wine cellar on the block.
Being able to tell that reds go better with rich foods and whites go better with light foods may be enough to get you by on a first date. Now if you really want to understand food and wine pairing, you need to understand why certain wines go better with certain foods. This app includes pairing tips and flavor bridges for each of the more than 180 different varieties from around the world. Plus, instead of a list of foods that you can select wine from, this app lets you start with the wine and pair the food accordingly.
There is so much to learn about wine that you practically need an entire college course dedicated to the subject. If not an 18-week semester’s worth, you’d at least need a few hours of instruction. This app features a number of different educational experiences for learning about wine. Watch videos on tastings, explore interactive tours, hear wine type pronunciations, and learn how to decode labels.
While we embrace new apps and technology, there is something to be said for human interaction and actual experts. Vivino has even become a key tool for professional sommeliers themselves, a quick yet thorough way for them to brush up on wines they might not be so familiar with. So perhaps the two, the sommelier and the wine app, can coexist in harmony.I’ll drink to that.