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5 apps for a wine lover

Most wine aficionados do not only love drinking wine but love studying it as well. And with so much information available within a swipe, learning has never been easier. So we took a look at and reviewed some of the best wine apps out there. They won’t turn you into a sommelier overnight, but they’ll help you get there.


Vivino is Tripadvisor for wine. The process is simple.You take a picture of any bottle, and the app gives you a rating, reviews, and a price estimate. Ratings and reviews are user-based and just like Tripadvisor you can see the average rating the wine has gotten, how many people have rated it and find out what they thought of it. A great tool for when you can’t decide between the 600 baht and 800 baht bottle at the supermarket.



Wine Dictionary

Wine Dictionary isn’t anything else than a dictionary filled with terms concerning wine. It’s not groundbreaking by any means, yet it’s probably a blink faster than Google if you want to look up something at a wine tasting.

The app also includes phonetic spelling so you can pronounce those complex French or Italian terms with confidence.

Hello Vino

Hello Vino helps you choose a wine by asking questions. It has several options such as “Wine for an occasion” or “BBQ and cookout wines.” The app asks you four rounds of questions. Every round gets more specific in order to determine which wine you should drink. It also has a wine search function, a personal wine history, a wine guide and wine deals, although we’re not sure if the latter works in Thailand. Its wine guide helps you to find foods to pair with whichever wine you have on hand as well. Overall, a great wine app.

Wine Quiz

Wine Quiz is similar to Wine Dictionary but more fun. The app quizzes you on several topics concerning wine and spirits. You start at level 1 Geek and have to work yourself up to level 10 mastermind by answering every question correctly. Some questions seem to reappear throughout the different rounds, and some of the questions are a bit random. Nonetheless, it’s still a fun way to gain some extra knowledge.


Last but not least, Delectable is a social media app, which revolves around wine. You create a profile through your Facebook or Google+ account, or by using your email address. The app lets your followers know what you’re drinking, when and with whom. You can review the wines you drink; it shows you which wines are trending and shares articles and information about wine with you. The app is neatly executed and is interesting for professionals and wine lovers alike. We definitely recommend this one.


We hope you’ll have fun with these apps and if you have an opinion on them, feel free to let us know through the comments. Cheers.