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Get the best from truffle

Black or white, truffles are a delicious and rare ingredient, with a unique flavor. Which are the best wines to enhance truffle? And, why not, which other drinks?

The French term for a the truffle hunt is called “Cavage”. There are only three kinds of dogs that are able to find truffles, and when they do so it becomes the truffle-hunter’s job to collect them. In this process they must use a special tool called the “cavadou”, to unearth truffles without damaging them. It is strongly recommended to try the truffle raw, and to keep in mind that the thinner the slices are, the greater the taste.

white-truffle-2The truffle is a type of fungus that grows in the wild, and though similar to a mushroom, should not be confused with it. The White truffle in particular is found only in the Cuneo province known as Langhe and Roero, in the rural Italian countryside of Piedmont region. It grows deep underground, where the soil is cool, moist and rich with nutrients. The white truffle has an irregular shape with a whitish to dark beige colour that sets it apart it from its cousin, the black truffle.

The white truffle has earned its place as the most prestigious and expensive fungus in the market thanks to its idyllic and superb taste.
Truffles have usually a wild, musky, earthy depth that goes very well with the aromas and flavors of wines such as Barolo – for white truffle – and old Burgundy – for black truffle.

But there are some innovative and interesting pairings to create, with other beverages than wine.
Let’s go together through the amazing white truffle recipes from La Bottega di Luca, in Bangkok, and the innovative and traditional pairings by our Wine Director, Giulio Saverino.


Fassona Beef Tartare, Parmesan Ice Cream & Alba White Truffle

Innovative pairing with Negroni Sbagliato (Campari, Red Vermouth, Sparkling Brut Wine)

The origins of this famous drink are quite unique, as they stem from bartender’s mistake at the bar Basso in Milan in the 1960s. Trying to make a Negroni, he accidentally substituted the classic gin with Sparkling wine. This “Negroni Sbagliato” (Wrong Negroni) was so well-liked it quickly spread around the world

Artichoke Ravioli, Seared Hokkaido Scallop and Alba White Truffle

Innovative pairing with the craft beer Equilibrista, Birra del BorgoJerusalem-Artichoke-Cream,-Seared-Hokkaido-Scallop-and-Alba-White-Truffle-

Like a tightrope walker, this beer finds its balance between the wine and the beer word. A young Chianti entices with his strength a Duchessa (Duchess), she enthralls him with her elegance. They then get married, with a dowry made half by wine must and half by gyle in a unique fermentation, creating an unforgettable alchemy. The match goes on into the bottle, by adding the liqueur de tirage that makes them bubbly. They settle in the bottle with their little yeasts that will bring liveliness to their marriage. They will then grow old together until when the wizard brewer will give them a new life with the magic ceremony of disgorgement, by adding the potion – the liqueur d’expedition – as the ancient recipe has been passed on.

Roasted Guinea Fowl Brest and Alba Sausage Roll, Purple Potato and Alba White Truffle

Classic pairing with Barolo Riserva 2006, Famiglia Otto Destefanis

Pannacotta-ice-cream-with-Alba-white-truffleAged for 32 months in casks of Slavonian oak, and 18 in the bottle, this Barolo has elegant structure, lingering bouquet packed with spices and hints of licorice. Full, sumptuous character. It’s velvety, with plenty of tannins.

Pannacotta Ice Cream with Shaved Alba White Truffle

Classic pairing with Moscato D’Asti 2012, Famiglia Otto Destefanis

Lovely nose of white peach, apricot and white flowers. On the palate show finessed mousse where all the elements come nicely together, framed by fresh and balanced finish.