7 ways to keep liquor
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7 ways to keep liquor

You can put your bottles of liquor in a cabinet in the kitchen. You can keep them on your coffee table. Stash them on top of your fridge. Find some space next to the television or put them on top of your closet.

There are a lot of places where you can store bottles. So there’s absolutely no reason whatsoever to spend your hard earned cash on liquor carts or cabinets. It’s a little extravagant. Except from being nice to look at the liquor cabinet isn’t really an essential furniture item. But they do look nice, don’t they? Let’s have a look.


This liquor cart by Ikea is affordable, stylish and practical. Be sure to buy bottles with nice labels since they’ll be sitting exposed.

DIY CabinetDIY cabinet

You could make this simple, rustic looking cabinet yourself. It’s a great space saver as it’s attached to the wall.

-Globeglobe cabinet

My grandparents have one of those and it indeed looks like you have to be over seventy to own one of these. Nonetheless, it’s a great piece if you have the right interior for it.

-Safari barsafari cabinet

This safari bar by Ralph Lauren is beautiful and compact, holding a surprisingly large amounts of items for it’s size.


This large, industrial mix between cabinet and cart is just what you need for your cocktail parties.

-Tini Timetini time

This cabinet by David Linley is gorgeous and super functional, the ultimate liquor cabinet.

-The Waterfordwaterford

Glass company Waterford, created this flamboyant cabinet. It’d go well with some Versace, visually and financially.

-The medicine cabinetmedicine cabinet

If you like to keep things minimal and inconspicuous why not keep your booze in a medicine cabinet? It’s a form of medicine after all.

If you’re getting a cart, cabinet or bar you obviously need to stuff to keep in it. Here’s an article on how to set up your personal bar. Now go and browse the Internet for more cabinets.


[Article by Alexander Eeckhout]