8 reasons why you should drink craft beers
9 reasons why you should drink craft beers

1. Better with Food

craft beer food pairing
You feel like Wine pairing is for snobs? We may disagree, but why limiting yourself to pairing either the red or white one with various meals when you can choose from at least ten varieties of craft beers? For instance, open a hoppy pale ale to pair with some pasta. The craft options are endless, unlike regular beers. If you like how a porter tastes with a nice big steak, then have it. Try and experiment!

2. Better Ingredients

craft beer ingredients
Mass produced beer is not known for its organic or high quality ingredients. Many microbrewers take pride in using fine ingredients for their beers. And many of them even try to keep the earth clean and safe by being sustainable.

3. More Flavors

draft beer wall
Instead of grabbing one of the usual three local beers or get a regular imported famous brand, try to grab a craft beer. You may like some and dislike others but you can’t deny that craft beers give you more choices than the common larger beers sold by major brewers. There are thousands of delicious craft beers you can find in Thailand, both imported and locally produced, with every craft brewery striving to create a unique blend of ingredients to give you a beer you can talk about.

4. More Excitement

craft beer tasting
Beer, like art, is a wonderful tapestry of different styles, types and flavors. So why to stick to those big commercial brands that taste more or less the same? And what’s the best way to figure out which flavor/style combo goes together best? Experimentation and the ability to work outside of the box. Craft brewers have this one nailed.

5. Higher Alcohol

Oh yeah! Let’s be honest: we all like our beer with some punch. And Craft beers, they all pack a punch! Most craft beers range from 5-10% abv, but some craft beers can go over 20%! Compare it with big beer companies mass products and you will see that there is no comparison! The big beer companies are selling you “beer water.” And that’s definitely a reason to love your craft beers.

6. Conversation Starter

Francois Louis Jaques Paysans fribourgeois au bistrot
Anytime you go out and drink a craft beer with your friends, you will have a chance to start a good conversation about the taste and quality of the beer, especially if you are trying different craft beers. This can then lead to other intelligent discussions about the style, origin, ingredients, and other interesting features of the type of beer you are drinking. Start drinking craft beer and say bye-bye to discussing the weather!

7. Tasting Events

Craft Beers Buy Bangkok Thailand Saison Quadrupel Ale Pairing Cheese
Ever been to one? You should. Typically, beer tasting events focus on a specific brewery and that’s a great occasion to discover new beers, new producers, and new people. And while doing so, enjoying some music and great drinks with your friends. You’ll probably be surprised to find how many different varieties of beers you enjoy.

8. It heats up your night

Romantic night
When it comes to lust-inducing beverages, craft beer is king. What makes this super sexy nectar of the gods more erotic than the rest is its ability to be infused with additional aphrodisiacs.

9. Taste better

craft beers glasses
Let’s be clear: IT TASTES BETTER!!
Sorry, but craft beer really does taste better. Try it.
The magical flavor of a craft beer. If you only have ever tasted the swill from the convenience store, you do not know what you’re missing. Imagine a flavor that is specifically tweaked, refined and aged to hit its peak. Chocolate?Coffee? Orange? No matter what you like, there will be a craft beer for you!

Do you have any other reason to prefer craft beers? Write it down in the comments! Cheers!

[Article by Federico Brandi]