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From bread to Panettone

Once upon a time…

Panettoncino Rustichella CutThe Panettone is probably the most famous type of Christmas dessert. This sweet bread loaf is originally from Milan, and widely diffused in Europe and South America, becoming more and more popular also in Asia and USA.

It has a characteristic mushroom shape, due to its long process that takes several days, giving the cake also its distinctive fluffy texture. It usually contains candied fruits and raisins.

According to the tradition, Toni, a servant at the service of Ludovico il Moro, was the inventor of the Panettone.

On the Christmas’ Eve, the chef burned the cake prepared for the feast. ToPanettoncino Rustichella Openni decided to offer the mother yeast that he had kept aside for himself for Christmas. He kneaded it several times with flour, eggs, sugar, raisins and candied fruits, until he obtained a soft and leavened dough. The result was a great success and Ludovico il Moro called it Pan ad Toni to honor its inventor.

According to a more romantic variation of the legend, there was a Milanese baker named Toni, who had a beautiful daughter. A young man who worked for Toni wanted to marry the girl, and in an attempt to win her father’s approval, the young maPanettoncino Rustichella and Moscaton created a special sweet bread, filled with candid fruits and other rich ingredients.

This bread made Toni’s bakery famous and people began to call the bread ”Pan ad Toni” (Bread of Toni). Toni became wealthy and, needless to say, allowed the young man to marry his daughter.

Although the weather is not helping to feel the Christmas season in Bangkok, thanks to La Pala Pizza Romana, you can get some craft Panettone to help you out! ThaPanettoncino Rustichella Boxnks to a partnership with Rustichella d’Abruzzo, a producer of traditional Italian food, Pala brings to Bangkok craft Panettone, in two sized: the classic big Panettone of 750gr. and the Panettoncino – little Panettone – of 100gr. perfect if you are worried about your shape!

Now, go to take your Panettone at Pala and pair it perfectly with our Moscato D’Asti 2012 from Otto Destefanis, with its velvety and smooth taste, well balanced and fresh acidity. It has an aromatic bouquet, fine and elegant with clean scents of citrus, white peaches, fresh herbs and hints of rose.