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The Champagne Silencer

Is it a plane? Is it a trumpet? Is it a nail-pulling device? It is, in fact, a champagne bottle opener. The name, Descorjet, reveals it function somewhat. We can recognize the prefix de-, which stands for removal, there’s cor, so that’s obviously our cork, and the name ends with jet, which brings to mind speed and high pressure. Yet there’s nothing jet like about the whole device.


A promotional video shows how the device works. Remove the foil and the cage from your champagne bottle, pop on the Descorjet, press the handle and the job’s done, easily and safely. If the product really works as shown in the video, then it is most definitely a clever piece of engineering. Yet easy and safe aren’t words I associate with opening champagne bottles. A more fun method can be found here.

The product’s website states that Descorjet will save you frustration and humiliation. Another selling point I don’t quite agree with. Champagne bottles practically open themselves; it’s more about stopping the cork popping out than pulling it out. It is, however, completely understandable, that some people can have anxiety concerning opening a bottle of fizzy wine but then a friend who can open it is surely a better gadget than a stainless steel tool.


All criticism aside, the origin story does explain why the product came to be and more importantly when it could be of use. The inventor came up with the idea after a friend of his sprained both hands after uncorking more than sixty bottles in a single night. Looking at it from that angle, the product could perhaps be useful in the hospitality industry. Whether you need it in your home is another question. We’d love to hear your thoughts.