The wines of the Seven Bridges
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The wines of the Seven Bridges

In the land of Sangiovese and Chianti rises Tenuta Sette Ponti, not far from the historic town of Arezzo: nestled in a picturesque rural landscape, crossed by the river Oreno, the estate received its name from Antonio F. Moretti, who wanted to pay homage to the so-called Road Sette Ponti (Seven Bridges), which connects the banks of the River Arno between Florence and Arezzo.

The atmosphere that you breathe there is genuine and fascinating of the past, linked to the traditions and life of sharecropping, touched here and there by evolution tied to tradition, that do not alter the charm of a simple and untouched nature.vineyards tenuta setteponti

It was written in his History that this area could be dedicated to the production of excellent wines: in the 50s, the princesses Margherita and Maria Cristina di Savoia Aosta sold the land to the Moretti family.

The history of the area is intertwined with its excellence, created by the efforts and passion of a family that has always considered the connection and respect of the territory as a basic element for the creation of products of the best quality.

Back in 1716 even the Grand Duke of Tuscany defined the area “elected wine area” by edict, meaning a land recognized for producing top quality wines.

The flagship of the estate remains the Oreno, a cult wine for many, whose superior quality has long been honored by numerous national and international awards, and favorite by the likes of Wine Spectator, Robert Parker, James Suckling , the Italian Gambero Rosso, and Bibenda.

“You can’t live only of wine”: this could be the motto of Antonio Moretti, who knows how, in the history and Italian culture, there is more than a fruit to harvest.antonio moretti in sette ponti vineyards

His activities range from fashion to wine production, and the common thread that binds them is certainly the love of good taste and elegance. A thread that sews and brings together the business aspect and the personal interests of this family, which skillfully blend passion and work.

You are literally delighted and captivated by the beauty and lush of the lands surrounding Tenuta Sette Ponti : 330 hectares of land, of which more than 50 planted with vineyards.

The vineyards of the estate don’t have the mere presence of the best Sangiovese, but also some great “internationals”, such as Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot, along with a small selection of other varieties.

The soil composition also plays a major role in the quality of the wine. In Tenuta Sette Ponti the soil has a heterogeneous structure, well combined between clay, sand, limestone, and typical Chianti stone Galestro.cellar tenuta sette ponti

The vineyards are located at an altitude of about 300 meters above sea level, which help to give characteristic flavors to the wines.

Tenuta Setteponti is a great representative of the so-called Tuscanity around the world, and you should look for their wines, if you want to travel to Italy, just sipping wine.