Once upon a vine
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Once upon a vine

For many generations the Pittaro family has been cultivating the Vitis vinifera, the vine, in its beloved land. A family from Friuli, with an authentic history that firmly believes in the passion for its land and for the cultivation of the vine. A passion made of noble goodwill, a veritable religion. Just like the Christian faith, traditionally handed down through medieval legends explaining the origins whereby the hawthorn was born, sign of great value and purity and, princely but straight at the same time, the symbol of the Pitars brand. Just like the forceful Friulian rural tradition, with the refined skills of a very special vocation, all cultivated together, day after day.

The Pitars are descent of master wine makers who had been producing excellent wines ever since 1510.  At the beginning was Romano, the first to introduce quality vines imported from France by Senator Pecile and the Conte di Brazza in 1880. Then Angelo, the son, a young world traveler, for fifteen years in Venezuela and then back in his beloved land in Friuli to bring to ambitious goals the family business, which will be named Cantina San Martino. Today are Loris, Bruno, Mauro and Paolo the witnesses of that ardor that filled with deep meaning the story of entire generations.Pitars winery family

The 120 hectares of the Cantina San Martino vineyards, cultivated with care for a low-yield per hectare, stretch out perfectly between the provinces of Udine and Pordenone, in the precious “Grave” D.O.C. land. Here you can surprisingly discover the unexpected generosity of nature, with the richest vines being allowed to take root and grow from the stony soil. All happening in that Registered Designation of Origin area, well know for the originality of its composition, result of a millenary deposit of calcareous-dolomitic limestone material brought downstream from alluvial river floods. An area sheltered by mountains from the cold winds incoming from the north and caressed by the light sea breeze from the Adriatic, providing a microclimate particularly suited to the cultivation of grapevines, thanks to the day/night thermal excursion, exalted by the widespread stony surface of the ground. A land with a strong personality, with a vocation for growing grapevines of the highest quality, with exceptional grapes characterized by their absolutely unique fragrance.pitars winery vineyards

The wine castle is a small ancient world, where serene peace reigns, immersed in nature respected by the person taking care of it. The warmth of old times and the regal stateliness of an avant-garde architecture, immersed in a sumptuous garden surrounded by vineyards that stretch as far as the eye can see. In the large and open living areas the visitors can enjoy the view of the vineyards in the company of excellent wines to share with true pleasure. This is how the Pitars welcome its guests visiting the winery: with the refinement of the past and the warmth of professional people, giving an unforgettable experience.

An art handed down through generationsPitars winery Friuli Wine Castle

The Pitars world is a small ancient world, rich of the true values of the Friulian tradition and of the passionate care that characterizes every step and every detail of the complex winemaking process. This is made in a technologically advanced winery with highly specialised wine-making system, with a capacity of over twenty thousand hectolitres, witness to an agro-technique evolution of exceptional standing.

The place of  timepitars winery wine cellar

The winery is an avant-garde architecture, made according to the principles of green building, with natural and recyclable materials. A perfect synthesis of form and function in harmony with the environment and the wealthy nature that surrounds it. Here hides the underground cellar, the hearth of the winery, where the most precious wines rest and age slowly reaching the best equilibrium, expressing all their exclusive quality. At its side the advanced drying room, coffer for the best grapes picked and selected by hand, where they lie in a controlled atmosphere, waiting to reveal big surprises.

A production of excellence

Young wines, important wines and ‘meditation’ wines, such as Angelo, the sweet blend of indigenous grapes. The Pitars product selection can satisfy the most expert and demanding palates, promising the senses an intense and unmistakable experience, able to surprise even those who love Prosecco.