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Dracula Actually Drinks Wine

The Wine of Castle Dracula

He might have said to Renfield; “I never drink wine” but Castle Dracula does have such fine wine as the new cult it-drink!

SDC10738Ottomar Rodolphe Vlad Dracula Prince Kretzulesco boasts a great past and a rich history. The origin of his family to the 13th Century. Dan II, cousin of Matthias Corvin (king of Hungary) is considered the ancestor of the Kretzulesco’s. His successor was nicknamed Vlad Vlad Dracoul (Vlad the Devil). His second son, Vlad Dracula was a Tzepes, “the Impaler” as a cruel ruler go down in history. He was for many centuries later, the historical model for Bram Stoker’s novel “Dracula”. In 1899, the Italian King Umberto I, the prince gave Kretzulesco because of a longstanding friendship an additional title of “Prince of Canossa.” Prince Kretzulesko recalled the old friendship with Italy and now produced there its own Prosecco and a sparkling wine from the rare Rosso Marzemino grape.

bran-castle-castle-dark-forest-romania-transylvania-dracula-dracula-castle-worldMarsecco is a semi-sparkling fine red wine that was created by a joint effort between Vinicola Tombacco, a winery in the Veneto region of Italy since 1919 and the Castle of Dracula.The Vinicola Tombacco winery made the sparkling red Marsecco from the rare Marzemino grape. It is described as reminiscent of cherries and even Black Forest gateau on the nose. It gives dense dark berry fruits on the palate and is full bodied and well balanced.

1There is an evolution in red wine; Marzemo vine that produces Marsecco. Asia is where the Marzemo vine first grew and its route to Trentino is lost in the passage of time. But by the 16th century, connoisseurs in Venetia and Lombardy were already enjoying its luscious yield. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart even paid tribute to this fabled wine, referring to the ‘Exellente Marzemino’ in his opera ‘Don Giovanni’.

castleofdraculaMarsecco is “Reminiscent of cherries and even Black Forest gateau on the nose. It gives dense dark berry fruits on the palate and is full-bodied and well-balanced. This sparkling red wine when poured over ice and served in a tumbler is quite refreshing.

This wine tells an exceptional story. The wine itself is crimson with shiny purple highlights. The nose forest fruits and the tongue tingles from the gentle bubbles and the noticeable residual sugar makes it very soft. A definite candidate for a fun party wine and also tastes very well chilled on a mild summer’s evening. Guaranteed to convert any non-believer!

“I am Dracula. I bit you welcome!”