A tour of Sicily
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A tour of Sicily

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Sicily is famous for its wines, especially red and sweet wines, thanks to a great variety of indigenous grapes.
Marsala, located in westernmost part of Sicily, is  famous for the docking of Garibaldi, back in 1860 and for its typical Marsala wine.

Saline Marsala Trapani Sicily Italy SunsetOne of the best ambassadors for Sicilian wines is Cantine Pellegrino. Founded back in 1880 by Paolo Pellegrino, this winery has its origins in 1773, when the British arrived to Marsala, tasted the typical liquor of the area – an ancestor of the present Marsala wine – and felt in love with it, deciding to apply the wine production techniques they knew to create something new.

Cantine Pellegrino Barrell Cellar Marsala Trapani Sicily Italy Buy Wine BangkokIn 1880, exactly 20 years after the docking of Giuseppe Garibaldi at Marsala, the notary and winemaker  Paolo Pellegrino, together with his son founded the winery, building the first production site.

In few years, the winery changed from a family business to one of the most important wine producers in the area.

Pellegrino wines focus on indigenous grapes and typical Sicilian wines, having vineyard in the area surrounding Marsala, but also in the small islaCantine Pellegrino Barrell Cellar Marsala Trapani Sicily Italy Buy Wine Bangkoknd of Pantelleria, where it produces Moscato and Passito wines

A brand new winery from Cantine Pellegrino, in the heart of Marsala, Duca di Castelmonte produces its wine with a combination of traditional and innovative wine making techniques. The indigenous Sicilian grape varieties used ensure the production of superb table wine. The focus of Duca di Castelmonte is more on innovation and new wines, while Cantine Pellegrino aims to tradition.