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Wine for Ladies

Understand the Ladies and Their Wines

WOMEN WITH RED WINE Thailand Huffington PostLadies, we just love wine, don’t we? We like to get together and drink some Chardonnay and talk about our nails and our boyfriends. And then sometimes, when we’re at a party, oopsie! We have a few too many glasses of wine and get a little cray-zay. But we don’t like wine like wine, as in understand its myriad complexities and enjoy washing its subtle flavour over our highly-developed palates. That’s why it’s so great that someone has finally made a wine for us women who are just in the mood to be fun and catch a buzz without any of that other smart-person crap. You know what I’m talking about, right girl?

Wine means different things to different women. It may make us feel beautiful, WOMAN DRINKING white WINE Thailand Huffington Postor be what helps us calm down or open up or connect with our peers. Often women’s emotional connection to wine is benign and positive, but as with any substance, there is a darker side to the daily rite. And whereas no one would hesitate to declare that someone who was kicking back glasses of vodka on the rocks every night had a problem, doing so with wine seems more harmless and is unquestionably more socially acceptable.

They say that every wine is unique in terms of smell, taste, flavor, and that it carries certain divine mystery which is why many compare it with a woman. Wines are different, just like women, not just in diversity, but in beauty and character as well.

Each type of wine is unique and unrepeatable, beautiful and inspiring. This ancient drink mostly associated with relaxation and enjoyment is always tied to emotions and is preferred by women who appreciate life and enjoy every moment of it. But what kind of wine do women prefer?

Asian Woman staring at Red Wine ThailandWell, before elaborate on this, did you know that the price of a wine mostly determines what kind of wine will a woman purchase, regardless of whether she shops in a liquor store or shops wine online. Also, label design and brand name are of crucial importance when a woman chooses the wine, while men do not pay attention to these details. Recent study showed that women determine whether a wine is good or not mostly by the above criteria. Year of production, grape variety or geographical origin of the wine are far less important for the majority of representatives of ‘gentle gender’. However, studies have shown that certain personality traits are associated with certain types of wine.

Women who are not afraid of diversity, who love to travel, and who accept natural life cycle (nurturing, caring and maturity) prefer red wine. After all, these are qualities of wine as well, smiling woman drinking wine thailand Black&Whitewhich is why it is so superior compared to other beverages. Red wine symbolizes sophistication, femininity and refined taste which is why it is highly regarded and consumed by women. Lovers of red wines are considered to be financially stable and more ambitious. These women are often highly educated, have style, are hedonists and love to pamper themselves and others.

If you fall under the category of women for whom champagne is always an ideal choice, then you know that champagne makes perfect aperitif; blends well with fruits and compliments most of main dishes as well. Women who prefer champagne are friendly, easy-going and nurturing. They do not need a special occasion to enjoy this sparkling potion. On the contrary, they believe life should be celebrated every day with a glass of champagne. Women who love to create and design are big fans of white wine. They claim that white wine opens up body senses and makes the process of creating easier. Also, pleasant chats with friends and long evening conversations with a partner are even more pleasant and beautiful over a glass of white wine. White wine lovers prefer relaxed homey atmosphere, are very family oriented and are satisfied with life.