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Wine for Each Members of Your Family

It is anyway a festive season and every family member should have their very own bottle of wine. And as December is the month dedicated to the dads… we’ll might as well focus on the father figures (dad, grandpa, uncle) but haven’t left out any other family members.

WINE FOR YOUR DAD (also other father figures – such as your grandpa)

Your dad is out there doing his thing —being himself— and that’s what you love about him most. A wine that will be meaningful should personify him in some way. Otherwise, it would just be another bottle of wine. Since all dads are unique, here is a compelling list of wines based on what your father’s passions may be.


Your dad is out there —literally– exploring new things. He’s always been that way. Perhaps he brought you along on some of his explorations of the world and it’s made you more open-minded.

If there’s anyone out there who’s willing to try something new, it’s your pops. You don’t have to spend a fortune to find him something really out there.


Your dad is a staunch idealist; he might be the last of his kind. Over the years you’ve observed his well-crafted set of values and some of the best ones have rubbed off on you.

If we played our cards right, chances are your father has an appreciation for the subtleties of the elite. Let’s arm you with the secrets of what they’ve been drinking at the White House for the last 80 years.bottle_syrah

Sporting Enthusiast

Saying your dad is a ‘bit’ competitive is an understatement. You’ve had your eyes opened to sports, challenges, games, etc. and it’s made your life more exciting.

*A Strong Wine for a Strong Guy

Look no further than an Australian Shiraz or a Chilean Syrah. We’re not saying that your dad doesn’t appreciate the nuances of something light, like Gamay, but he’s one of the few people out there that will love getting a little kick in the jaw.


Your dad is a creator, whether he’s a jeweler or a chef or a builder, you’ve seen many amazing things come out of him over the years. Creative people express themselves in so many ways.

*A Wine for Creative Juices

Not only will Spanish Monastrell get the creative juices flowing, the Spanish continually lead the market with the most contemporary wine label designs in the world.

Technophilelouis roederer cristal champagne 2005

Your dad is a bonafide gadget freak. Every time you see him, there always seems to be a strange new gadget that he wholeheartedly swears by to solve his problems. Your dad would be impressed by a wine that takes an amazing amount of technology to produce.

*The Most Technologically Advanced Wines on Earth

Believe it or not, Champagne and Cava employ the most advanced winemaking tools in the world. For instance, at Jaume Serra (a Cava producer just South of Barcelona) there are no people, just forklifts working in the pitch dark underground. Jaume Serra worked with German engineers to revolutionize the sparkling wine riddling process; making Champagne-quality wine much more affordable.

You won’t find anything about their riddling system anywhere… it’s a secret!


Your dad just sucks up culture —he is like a sponge of knowledge— and his favorite media is film. He loves the stories and the history that go into great movies, so you’ll want to pick an equally storied wine.


Your dad is that guy who’s always the center of attention. It’s not because he is demanding, it’s because people seem to gravitate towards him. He is the light of many people’s lives, including you.

*The Most Lovable of all Wines

No matter how much flack Merlot gets, we knock the socks off experts and novices all the time when we blind taste high quality Merlot. The truth is, Merlot is hard to craft and I bet your dad works hard to be the man he is. He will love a superb Super Tuscan, Right-bank Bordeaux or Hillside Merlot from Napa or Sonoma.

Bibliophile (your dad always has a book nearby)

Your dad is a thinker and thinkers need to work with an arsenal of concepts, ideas and history. That’s why he is constantly reading. Your dad wants a wine that will compliment his amazing brain.

*The Perfect Wine for People Who Live Inside Their Heads

Pinot Noir is one of the only wines in the world that can be made into Sparkling, White, Rosé, Red and even a Sweet Red wine. Despite the fact that Pinot Noir is so diverse, it remains one of the most subtle in terms of flavor. It’s no surprise that this grape is very ancient. Pinot is a sipper and deserves a big round glass.

WINE FOR YOUR MOM (and also your aunts?)

We love moms at Bon Appétit (they basically run the place), and our mothers have taught us a great deal about wine. And there are tons of moms out there who have much better taste in wine than I do. But there are common conceptions of wines that moms like to drink—and for good reason: ”Moms tend to drink wines that are readily available, familiar, and not too expensive.”

For the purposes of this exhaustive guide to all things “Mom wine,” here are the two rules of what constitutes a Mom wine:

(1) One 750mL bottle can cost no more than 2,000THB. There are no exceptions.

(2)Mom wine varieties include: Pinot Noir, Merlot, Syrah, Malbec, Cabernet SauvignonChardonnay, Riesling, Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc. While your mom did kill that bottle of Korbel sparkling wine left over from your cousin’s engagement party before leaving a voicemail about how much she doesn’t trust your new boyfriend, technically sparkling wine does not count. Sorry. Rules are rules.

Still, two Golden Rules notwithstanding, the most important quality of a Mom wine is that its consumption is saved for distinctly Mom occasions. These include 10 p.m. text messages about your younger brother’s report card, or emails about the Yahoo! article she read illustrating the undeniable link between heart disease and skinny jeans.


An excellent Mom wine, a Pinot Noir from Smoking Loon. This wine, “crafted for those with an appetite for adventure,” is a great fit for Moms who share BuzzFeed quizzes proving her theory that “you really should have majored in biology instead of an art history.”


The strong Mom wine is the Francis Coppola Diamond Merlot. This smooth red goes well with a late-night weekday phone call from Mom insisting “we never talk anymore,” and its fruity taste nicely pairs with her complaint about how “your brother never calls either, but you’re supposed to be the GOOD child.”


Most classic Mom wine is the Yellow Tail Shiraz, best suited for moms who want to stay in and watch Jeopardy! instead of go to a late-night board meeting. Also good for Moms who recently discovered Pinterest and unknowingly tied their boards to Facebook status updates.

Fun Loving

The best Mom wine for groups, however, is the undisputed bulk-packaging champion Carlo Rossi. Fun fact about this Mom wine: researchers have determined that approximately 2.5 four-liter bottles of Carlo Rossi cabernet is the amount required to satisfy a single eight-Mom book group discussing “The Secret Life of Bees.”


And, finally, perhaps the Queen of the Mom Wines — Clos du Bois Chardonnay. Flavored with hints of pineapple and vanilla, this goddess among Mom wines is described by Moms I know as perfect for “tuning out the motherfucking piece of shit dog,” or as a great companion for reality television. Available at liquor stores, corner stores, and supermarkets most everywhere, this mild white is the platonic ideal of Mom wines.

Anyways ultimately, moms are the hardest workers we know, and they deserve to drink exactly what they want, and how they want it. And if Mom wants Chardonnay—extra ice cubes, please!—she’s earned it.


Even though the others’ wine collections are categorized by their personality mostly but for grandma… we have the special picks! Everyone loves Grandma. She’s got a heart of gold and the best of intentions, but sometimes she can have unusual and unique tastes. Here are wine labels that anyone’s Grandma would love.

Nettare Di Stelle Asti Moscato 2011

Grandmas love cats. This is a fact. No doubt a Grandma is behind this label, and yes, it totally reminds me of Mittens.Moscato d'Asti Nettare di Stelle

Rudolphs Red Pinot Noir

Grandma’s favorite time of year and favorite character are all represented here in this epic wine label. When I unwrapped this bad boy and looked at my Grandmother, her pride and happiness was off the charts. Grandma had just found the most Grandma wine out there.2_grandma-05673aad4b9f643d7d7ad44b2737b593

Grenache Syrah 2009

Grandma can have the best sense of humor! I’ll be thinking of Grandma as I drink this one.3_grandma-ded2b356597c465dd6fa0ea84b6f5f87

Ugly Sweater Red

Did you think Grandma would be happy stopping at making you an amazing Christmas sweater? Oh no, here she comes now with this amazing find. Yes, gaze at this beauty.4_grandma-7eaf1adebd33ea9f5763be1f1cb2524e

Finger Lakes Gewürztraminer 2011

What’s the deal with Grandmas and owls? I really need a wine with an owl slapped on it to remind me of your house, Grandma. I had almost forgotten about your owl wallpaper and stuffed owl toys. Thanks for the reminder that you’ll try to put a bird on just about anything.5_grandma-00b3b24ba86c823f3bce3ad21e6623a3

Cherry Pie

This is an annual tradition after I once said I loved my Grandma’s baking. This year she took it a step further with this doozy. I’ll make sure to show it off right next to my cherry pie-designed apron and cherry pie-designed kitchen towels.6_grandma-4c4b38c372154254e4a99fedee7787b7

Petite Petit 2010

Yeah, Grandma, we had a great time when we went to the circus, and I was 5 years old. I guess it was cool. But I’m 35 now, and the last time I thought the circus was cool was, well, 30 years ago.7_grandma-ccdcf742521b12592fdc20ee7ec2070c

Cabernet Sauvignon 2009

Yes, wine is made from grapes. And yup, those are grapes on the label. I totally see where you’re going with this. Thanks for the find Grandma.8_grandma-13bd1d373618c3139a159574c1e5a5a7


Many young adults, especially in Thailand, have grown up not being allowed to drink any wine at all. Instead, they grow up drinking soda, Hi-C, and eating chocolate and candy. Is it any wonder that when they try their first wine, they find it incredibly sour or tart?

Here are some good wines for new wine drinkers to taste, to help their palates adjust to the different sorts of flavors wines have.

White zinfandel

White Zin is the ‘punch’ of the wine world. Light, fruity, easy to drink, gentle flavor. This is a blush wine made from the red Zinfandel grape. They only let the red skins affect the wine for a short time before removing them – so instead of making the regular, rich, hearty Zinfandel wine, they make a ‘light’ pink version instead. Great with just about any meal, and perfect for summer picnics.


Port is a fortified dessert wine which is thick and sweet. Fortified means that brandy was added to the base wine to give it a higher alcohol content. It is rich and perfect for sipping while relaxing by a roaring fire, watching TV or reading a book. Port goes wonderfully with chocolate! It’s also good with cheese.

Moscato d’Asti Moscato d'Asti

Looking for a fizzy wine? Some people find real Champagnes to be too dry (not-sweet) for their tastes. Instead, try a Moscato d’Asti from Italy. The Italian sweet wine maintains part of the natural sugar thanks to a stop of the fermentation process, being also a little fizzy , and go perfectly with berries and cakes. A great toasting partner for sweet toothed lovers.

Have fun picking the wines for each members of your family!!!!