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True Story Behinds Wines That Rock

Looking for red wines that are “uncompromising and tough,” with an “undisputed attitude”? Have you been searching everywhere for a wine to drink while ‘head banging’?

Lately we’ve found our eyes glazing around the bottles of wine with glorious rock and roll bands’ cover arts or their band’s name. Of course, we noticed that a lot of bands start to have their own brands of wine, including Motörhead, Kiss, AC/DC, and Ratt. (Even Warrant has a wine. Warrant!) Not only those bands because there are also Grateful Dead, Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, The Police and even wine specially made for Woodstock. Don’t be now too surprised! This is the Wines That Rock!!!

Mark Beaman is the person behind the Wine That Rocks project. He’s been called the Rockstar Winemaker who blends wine specially for each classical musical icons. Could you believe there is such job that all you have to do is taste wine, listen to music, and think about how to put it all together in a bottle of wine that truly captures the essence of an album?

The art of creating great wine is similar in many ways to making great music. Artist have a vision and share that vision through groundbreaking sound. The winemakers at Wines That Rock are artists also, they have quite a similar process in that; they create wine through expressing their vision and passion through the grape.

Wines That Rock, above all else, is about a uniquely great wine experience inspired by music. In seeking the perfect partners to create, craft and deliver the wine, they summon upon Mendocino Wine Co. and their talented team of of world class winemakers not only the mentioned Mark Beaman but also Bob Swain and Christian Le Sommer.


Making wine is not only about winemakers – it’s about vision, creativity and team effort. After talking and visiting with many vineyards up and down the west coast for over a year and a half, tasting their wines and meeting the people behind the bottles, the choice for Wines That Rock was an easy one. The Mendocino Wine Company brought so many strengths to the table including great tasting, award-winning wines, respect for the planet through true environmental leadership and a support team that fully understood the direction they wanted to take Wines That Rock. MWCo. leads the industry in environmental leadership, and has lead by example with sustainable farming practices, earth friendly packaging, carbon neutrality and 100% green energy, so much so that they recently were awarded the Governors Economic and Environmental Leadership Award.

From the grape to the label, Wines That Rock is a labor of love. We know you will enjoy the Wines That Rock experience as much as they enjoyed crafting it.

Mendocino Wine Co., under the guidance of Partners Tim and Tom Thornhill, is dedicated to responsible land stewardship, sustainable viticulture, and green business practices that yield superior wines while protecting the environment and supporting local farmers. These goals are reflected in the winery’s E3 action plan: “…environmental responsibility, economic viability, and social equity.” Envisioning the wine industry as a model for all of agriculture, the partners lead by example. The brands produced by the winery include: Wines That Rock, Parducci Wine Cellars, and Paul Dolan Vineyards.

Wines That Rock is committed to environmental leadership. Paper manufacturing has historically has been an enormous consumer of natural resources and producer of countless tons of waste. According to estimates made by the Environmental Defense Fund, it takes 3 tons of wood and 19,075 gallons of water to produce a single ton of virgin paper. This process also creates over two thousand pounds of solid waste.

Committed to using the resources responsibly, Wines That Rock uses 100% consumer recycled paper for our labels. All packaging stationery, and other printed materials are also printed on recycled paper.

The case boxes are also made from recycled, chlorine-free corrugated cardboard. The chlorine bleaching process, used to make paper products whiter, stronger and more durable, is quite harmful to the environment and can release toxic materials into water supplies.

The case boxes are also made from recycled, chlorine-free corrugated cardboard. The chlorine bleaching process, used to make paper products whiter, stronger and more durable, is quite harmful to the environment and can release toxic materials into water supplies.

The materials are printed with soy and water-based inks. Petroleum-based inks and the heavy metals they contain contaminate soil and groundwater. Soy-based inks are usually made from non-toxic soybean oil which is a renewable resource. It is an ongoing challenge to get the look, feel and performance they need in printed materials (particularly labels), and still be “green.” They are fortunate to have printing vendors that make an extra effort to meet our needs. Of course, the most earth-friendly printing is none at all, so we are always looking at ways to reduce the amount of our printed materials.

And other than wines with the essence of rock and roll music we’ve seen and tasted with Wines That Rock. Have you ever know Pink Floyd record album ’The Wall’ at Studio Miraval? Not only Pink Floyd that has been using Studio Miraval for the recording session, this recording studio has also been used by Rammstein, Sade, AC/DC, The Cure and Shirley Bassey. It is the residential studio in southern France. And as we all knew Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are the owner of the Miraval Estate. Their first vintage, the Chateau Miraval Rosé 2012 – which the couple developed in the 1200-acre vineyard at their estate in Provence – sold more than 6000 bottles in the first hour it was released and Wine n’ About can proudly say to exclusively distribute it in Thailand! Contact Us if you want to know more!