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According to Cosmopolitan “Rosé is the best, because it’s wine and it’s pink and it’s the symbol of summer…” and although those reasons are a little too Cosmopolitanesque for me; I do concur that a good, cold glass of rosé can be delightful.

Yet for some people a nice chilled glass of good rosé doesn’t cut it. Some people want more. And those people turn rosé into a slushie because for some people it can’t get cold enough. Cosmopolitan writes: “By using a blender, ice cream maker, or slushie machine you can combine rosé wine with things like fruit, sugar, ice and other spirits to make the frozen cocktail of your dreams.”

Or the frozen cocktail of your nightmare but that’s just my opinion.

Frozé, unfortunately, isn’t the end of the line. A company called Sugarfina created rosé gummy bears. “Your candy wishes just got a lot more delicious (and a lot more adorable) with these bears infused with Whispering Angel Rosé.”

The fact that the product sold out within two hours of posting it online shows how popular rosé in non-liquid form is. If you want some, there is a long waiting list for the next shipment coming in late July.



Although the gummy bears are infused with a real wine called Whispering Angel Rosé, they are non-alcoholic. Rosé all day, even for the kids.