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How to Craft Beer

Some people can be wine-only or beer-only, but at Wine n’ About, we believe that if you like good wine, you appreciate craft beers, too.

Beervana craft beers

The phenomenon of microbreweries is growing all around the world.

The micro brewing movement started in the ‘70s in UK and quickly spread to other countries.

The term microbrewery or craft brewery was originally related to the size of the brewery, but it changed to reflect an alternative philosophy of beer crafting, based on small and quality productions and innovation.

The craft beer movement is becoming more and more influential, and it’s a strong reality in USA, Japan, Italy, Norway and other countries.
Here in Thailand, laws make it difficult to open a microbrewery – and the strength of the market giants, too – but customers are demanding more and more craft beers.Pouring beer
The opening of a Mikkeller pub in Bangkok, putted Thailand on the map of the craft beer movement.

But even before, Beervana started to bring craft beers from all over around the world to Bangkok. As curators and beer enthusiasts, their goal is to bring the very best examples of craft brewing wherever they may be. They have a large number of bars and restaurants that trust their choices and selection.

We had the chance to taste some craft beers with them, and discover more about some of the best craft beers available in Thailand.

The beers come from 3 countries: USA (California and Oregon), Japan and Norway.

Summer Solstice Cream Ale – Anderson Valley, CaliforniaSummer Solstice Cream Ale - Anderson Valley, California

Anderson Valley is a Brewing company located in the Northern California, north of San Francisco, near Sonoma Valley. The Anderson Valley beers are noted for their extremely pure water, balanced recipes and tropical fruit notes in their brews. This brewery is 40% solar powered and is the only brewery in the world with an attached 18-hole Frisbee disk golf course!

The Summer Solstice Cream ale has refreshing aromas of vanilla and hints of orange on the nose, introducing a biscuit-like cream soda character with restrained sweetness.

Kagua Blanc – Japan/Belgium

Kagua beers are crafted in Belgium, following a Japanese recipe.

Kagua’s three promises:

-Rich Aroma: Japanese scented ale with Japanese herbs from reputable sources

-Full Body: full-body flavor to provide an indulgent experience that is in complete harmony with cuisines

– Gentle Natural Carbonation: all-natural low-level carbonation

The Kagua Blanc is a refined wheat beer featuring a citrus hint from Japanese Yuzu and subtle notes of Sonsho pepper.

Kagua Blanc - Japan/Belgium

Chainbreaker White IPA – Deschutes Brewery, Oregon

Deschutes is also one of America’s most decorated craft breweries, consistently taking home top awards in the world’s top beer competitions, including winning the World’s Best Beer for the Red Chair Northwest Pale Ale. And Beervana is the first to carry these coveted ales outside North America.

The Chainbreaker White IPA won the award as #1 new craft beer in America in 2012. A classic, light and easy Belgian Wit, but a mouth-popping Pacific Northwest twist, with crisp citrus hops.

Chainbreaker White IPA - Deschutes Brewery, Oregon

Fresh Squeezed India Pale Ale – Deschutes Brewery, OregonFresh Squeezed India Pale Ale - Deschutes Brewery, Oregon

IPA doesn’t get fresher than this; you my even find hop flowers in the bottle. Dripping with fruity flavors from citra and mosaic hops, an IPA for true hop heads. Bitter but balance with solid malt sweetness on the finish.

Detail Fresh Squeezed IPA

Kagua Rouge – Japan/Belgium

A rich deep amber beer, which balances sweet roasted malts and subtle spice of Sunsho pepper. A hint of Yuzu and noble hops add to the rich aroma.

Kagua Rouge - Japan/Belgium

Tokyo Black Porter – Yoho Brewery, Japan

Yoho Brewing produces the most popular craft beers in Japan, and in order to separate themselves from the fizzy light beers, they decided to make American and British style beers in cans.

Tokyo Black Porter - Yoho Brewery, JapanA smoky sweet, malt aroma is readily apparent. In the glass has a moderate, dense, tan-colored head. The body is black.

Flavor of roasted malt in the first few sips, then light coffee and nutty roastiness. Medium-light body with moderately low carbonation and a satisfying bite.

Imperial Stout – Nøgne Ø, Norway

Nøgne ø is a brewery from Norway that refuses to compromise, entirely committed to taste and craft brewing.

Nøgne Ø is Norway’s leading and largest supplier of craft beer and the first and only producer of sake in Europe.

Imperial Stout - Nøgne Ø, NorwayThey have a large portfolio of ales and sake. Their never-ending search for new flavors and ingredients results in new seasonal and experimental brews.

The Imperial Stout is uncompromising dark and rich ale, with a generous sweetness contrasting with the roasted malt bitterness, giving aromas of roasted coffee. It has thick light brown head and black color. Aromas of dark cherries, vanilla, coffee, and a bit of smoke.

The flavor is smooth, creamy, roasty with a soft vanilla and hop finish. On the mouth is thick and creamy.

Aurora Australis – Nøgne Ø, Norway

In Norwegian tradition, alcoholic beverages are sent across the globe to benefit from the temperature variations one experiences when crossing the equator. This beer was brewed at Bridge Road Crewers in Beechworth, Australia. Maturation took place in red wine barrels on its journey to Norway. Blending and packaging was carried out by Nøgne Ø.

Aurora Australis - Nøgne Ø, Norway

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