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Cooking with wine

It all happened to us at some point. We open a bottle of wine but don’t finish it. We put the cork back in and pledge to drink it later. Of course, this doesn’t happen and the wine goes stale, and we pour it out in the sink.

Another case of unwanted wine is the gifted bottle you don’t really care for. A well-meaning guest once gave you a bottle, and as much as you appreciate the gesture, you really aren’t going to drink this wine. It sits there in your wine rack waiting in vain to be picked out.

The solution to both these problems is simple. Cook. Wine is an ingredient in many dishes, and it doesn’t have to be excellent to do the job. So we made a list of fun and delicious recipes with wine as an ingredient. They’re also a great excuse to open a new bottle as well.

Drunken Spaghetti


Who says pasta needs to be boiled in water?

Marinated flank steak with salsa


The best marinade for flank steak is red wine.

Red wine chocolate fudge brownies


The red wine added to these brownies imparts a deep and complex flavor.

Tomato sauce


BuzzFeed knows a great tomato sauce contains wine.

Poached Eggs


Why poach your eggs in water when you can do it in white wine?

Linguine Con Vongole


Pasta, seafood and wine, the holy trinity.

Drunken Cheesy Bread


Wine, cheese, and bread. The only ingredients you need for a successful meal.