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A Taste of Old World at Central Embassy

Water Library Logo facade Central Embassy Bangkok ThailandWater Library recently launched their latest branch at Central Embassy, the most high-end mall in Bangkok. The Water Library in Central Embassy has a more casual brasserie style of dining, referencing the traditional French brasseries of 1920′s Paris, Water Library Brasserie

The new Water Library clearly adopts a Parisian ethos, exemplified by the iron girder across the entrance evoking the Eiffel Tower and the Paris of the first decades of the XX century. The dining ambience is relaxed and satisfying.

Iron Chandeliers at Water Library Central Embassy Bangkok ThailandThe modern interpretations of French brasserie food by the famous chef Haikal Johari are ideally complemented with a selection of  premium wines, cocktails, and a professional, yet casual service style.

Although located within a mall, Water Library stands out thanks to its distinctive facade.

The design of this homely eatery explores red and gold colors, complemented by dark woods for sophisticated elegance.

Wood Table at Water Library Central Embassy Bangkok ThailandThe brasserie is essentially divided into four main sections:

  • The front porch – A cozy area resembling a Parisian café.

  • The inside of the house – The main dining area with bookshelves, towers of fine glassware, and gold bridges.

  • The back of the house – Overlooking the Bangkok skyline, this section is great for a sunset dinner.

  • The terrace – An outdoor lounge where guests can enjoy their evening having a meal or just a sundowner with a view.

Chef Haikal Johari Water Library Bangkok ThailandThe kitchen is lead by the well-known chef, Haikal Johari, celebrity chef from Singapore, who brought with him a vast pool of international experience from his years at numerous restaurants with two and three Michelin stars. From ‘Joel Robuchon’ to ‘Amador’ to ‘Koji Shimomura’. Although an expert in French cuisine, Chef Haikal’s cooking is also inspired by Japanese cooking and its simplicity. His signature style combines modern techniques to enhance the flavor by adding a Japanese or Asian touch to complement the creamier French cuisine.

Vegetables Sandwich with French Fries at Water Library Central Embassy Bangkok ThailandSignature dishes that exemplify his cooking style include the Wagyu Beef Tartare – a classic brasseries dish served with dijon mustard creme, confit egg yolk, toasted ciabatta, and with addition of ponzu sauce, a touch of Asian taste; Steak Frites – Australia Wagyu beef with homemade French fries and sauteed spinach; and for dessert-  Peach Melba – with poached peaches, fresh raspberries, tarragon parfait, and almond cream.

But the king of the menu is with no doubt the Eiffel Burger.

Limited the winter season, Water Library introduced this mouthwatering dish, with a combination of extravant ingredients.

Eiffel Burger with Spicy Fries at Water Library Central Embassy Bangkok ThailandThe bun is a French brioche bun, known for its enriched bread with crispy crust.

The highligh of the Eiffel burger is for sure the patty: a combination of premium grade Japanese Wagyu from Kagoshima, which has a beautiful marbling and melting texture, with the addition of Foie Gras. Furthermore, the beef is mix of brisket, sirloin and flank. This gives the patty a juicy mix of textures and flavors.

The topping is done mixing stir-fried juicy onions with fresh tomatoes, red wine vinegar, honey and Dijon mustard, top with sautéed champignons and Comte cheese sauce.

The cherry on the top is the imported black truffle sprinkled over to give an aromatic sensation.

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