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A new member of the Roederer family

Roederer launches its first new Champagne since 1974louis roederer Philippe Starck brut nature 2006 label

When you think of Louis Roederer, the first to come to mind is for sure the Cristal Brut, the Champagne of the Zar.

Also the most famous brands need something new from time to time, and Louis Roederer has launched a Brut Nature Champagne made with the 2006 vintage, in collaboration with world famous French designer Philippe Starck.

This sparkling wine will be a limited edition, only around 60,000 bottles of the Brut Nature 2006 Louis Roederer et Jean-Baptiste Lecaillon Philippe StarckPhilippe Starck have been produced.

This wine was launched with an e
vent located in central London, and introduced by Jean-Baptiste Lecaillon, Roederer’s cellarmaster.

“The last time we created a new Champagne was in 1974, when we produced the Cristal Rosé” said Roederer’s managing director, Frederic Rouzaud.

Brut Nature is the dryest Champagne style, meaning that the residual sugar is extremely low, around 3 grams per liter.

Both Lecaillon and Starck agreed on a zero dosage,meaning that no sugar at all was added, mostly due to the quality of the fruit. Moreover, Starck agreed to design the louis-roederer-et-philippe-starck-brut-nature-2006 boxlabel and put his name on it only if he had some say in the winemaking.

the grapes are from 10
hectares of south facing, biodynamically-farmed vineyards in Cumieres. The wine contains 56% Pinot Noir and the rest made of Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier.

Lecaillon said he aimed to delete the varietal differences, by picking all the grapes on the same day and pressing them together.

The Brut Nature can’t be done every year, due to vintage variation. According to Lecaillon, 2009 would be the next release.