Thai beer in Chinatown
Thai beer in Chinatown

Article by Alexander Eeckhout

Cho Why Craft Beers is not a Crime Bangkok ThailandIt was a hot Saturday afternoon in Chinatown and every Thai craft brewer came to a cosy house called Cho Why. They took over the second floor with their kegs, their taps, their bottles and their business cards. Hops were flying around in the air. Two pigeons got drunk from the fumes, fell out of the air and knocked down a girl’s second hand Prada handbag that used to belong to Elton John. It was a splendid afternoon.

Cho Why Craft Beers is not a Crime Bangkok ThailandLast Saturday Cho Why organized a second Thai Craft Beer Exhibition. The set up was simple. People could buy coupons and exchange them for beers. Thai beers for Thai, and other, people.

The imported craft beers’ have been popular for a while so it’s no surprise that Thai people want to brew their own. Cho Why Craft Beers is not a Crime Bangkok ThailandUnfortunately on the legislative side of things it’s a little harder. Consequently, these beers are produced in low volumes and are hard to find.

A refreshing, citrusy, Thai wheat beer tastes so much better than a glass of watery beer watered down with ice cubes made from water. The IPA’s stouts and wheat beers at Cho Why were Cho Why Craft Beers is not a Crime Bangkok Thailandall delicious, bubbling with joy. Unfortunately it will take some time before they will be widely and readily available.

The good news is that there is a movement, there are people brewing out there and what they are brewing is in fact good beer. Cho Why Craft Beers is not a Crime Bangkok ThailandHopefully they’ll widen their range and brew something else than IPA’s, wheat beers and stouts. And 150 baht for a local beer is a bit on the expensive side as well. Yet, considering the current situation, great job guys.

Photos by Poshrocha