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People who don’t care much for wine tend to say all wine tastes the same. It’s easy to dismiss those people by saying that they are ignorant about wine, yet there is some truth to what they say. To a certain extent, a lot of wine does taste similar these days. And we have standardization to blame for this.

Wine producers interfere heavily with their wine to obtain certain qualities. To improve their wines, producers use chemicals, commercial yeasts, artificial flavors, and the list goes on.

To find that out why wine producers do this we have to go back in time. More or less halfway down the previous century, wine critics gained more influence. Wines, which won the favor of the critics, sold well. So producers started copying popular styles. This narrowed the vision and expression of the wine industry over the years, arriving at the mass product we know today.

Most wine we buy today is decent. Producers interfere with wines to create a consistent and pleasantly tasting product. The downside to this is that in doing so, wine producers create boring wines without personality that have little to do with the original grape, terroir or vintage.


Fortunately, a counter movement arrived. Certain winemakers didn’t want to follow suit. They found solace in their ancestor’s techniques. Ancestors, who made wines that expressed the local terroir and grape varieties. Enter Triple A.

Triple A is a group of European and Georgian wine producers. Their philosophy centers around three A’s: agriculture, artisan, and artist. They are in touch with their land and work their vineyards personally, using only organic methods. Artisan stands for using only artisan production methods and artist, well, you can guess.


An important part of Triple A’s philosophy is not to interfere with the wine and let the grape and soil express itself. Wine shouldn’t be complicated, after all, it’s only fermented grape juice. Nothing should be added, and nothing should be taken away. The latter is noticeable when you look at the large amounts of sediment left in the bottle.

Naturally, these wines look and taste radically different. If you drink natural wine, you need to forget everything you knew before. If you want to try something new and challenging, they are exclusively available at About Eatery.