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Casale del Giglio: a journey in the past

Once upon a time, under the vineyards of the winery, there was the entrance of the pre-roman city of Satricum


In the last decade the winery Casale del Giglio, located nearby the city of Latina and 60 km from the eternal city of Rome, supported an excavation project, which brought to the discovery of many relics of the ancient city of Satricum.

stacks_image_32The archeological project started more than 35 years ago and saw a big boost after the support of the winery. The discoveries of the excavation will be shown from June 11th to January 11th 2015 in the new exhibition “Satricum, in the renovated rooms of the old foundry “Le Ferriere”, in Latina, which will become soon a permanent museum.

The works lasted ten years all over the lands of the winery Casale del Giglio, which financially supported the discovery of the “Via Sacra” just under the vineyards. The archeological project Satricum, born from the cooperation between the cities of Aprilia, Latina and Nettuno, the Archeological division of the region of Lazio and the university of Amsterdam, aimed to the recovery of the pre-roman city of Satricum, considered lost. The discovery ofCasaleGiglio2-2 part of the “Via Sacra” – Holy Road – dated back in the VI century BC, helped to understand the location and structure of one of the access points to the ancient city. The Via Sacra was used to access to the Acropolis, at the top of which was located the temple in honor of the ancient Latin goddess of the dawn, Mater Matuta, named Eos by the Greeks and Aurora by the Romans.

Volsci_Satricum01_full-2Beneath the vineyards, the archeologists found the ruins of large building, probably tombs of the Volsci, an Italian tribe well known in the history of the first century of the Roman Republic. One of the crypts stand out for its richness and opulence of the grave goods, probably belonged to a girl of the VII century BC.

Moreover, after the discovery of a ceramic goblet the archeologists are persuaded to believe that the wine culture was developed in these lands since remote times.

The new museum is located nearby the winery Casale del Giglio and will show more than 750 artifacts discovered during the digs.