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Beers Filling Up Through the Bottom!

Go cool with this latest innovation for new-gen beer lovers!

Bottoms Up is an automated, hands-free system that has taken pouring beer out of the hands of rushed servers and has made it as simple as setting down a cup. Simply placing the Bottoms Up cup onto a Bottoms Up Dispenser, the system automatically fills the desired amount leaving the server free to promote sales, engage customers, and process transactions.

Additionally, the system is capable of pouring multiple servings simultaneously at a rate that is nine times faster than a traditional tap.


Bottoms Up cups are made from PET plastic. Each cup has a hole in the bottom to allow for filling and each hole is sealed with FDA approved rubber magnets.

The magnet can also be used as a marketing material as it has created a new advertising space at the bottom of the cups. Not only is the MAG seen while enjoying a fresh beverage but consumers regularly take them home as souvenirs to place on refrigerators, cars, tool boxes, etc.

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