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The Perfect Wine Appliance

What the device does, however, is no mystery. In essence, Plum is a box that holds and serves from two bottles of wine. It serves the wine at the perfect temperature and replaces the removed wine with high-quality argon gas to prevent spoilage. It also has a touchscreen that displays information about which wine is inside. It does this by taking pictures of the labels and then looking up information about the wine online.


So it’s definitely more than just a box. But does it do any other tricks? It sure does. It cleans itself. The device chills both bottles separately so each wine can be served at the correct temperature or whichever temperature you wish to serve it at. It works with any type of closure (cork, artificial cork or screw caps), and preserves your wine for up to 90 days.

The selling point is that now you don’t have to compromise if you want to have a red and whomever you’re drinking with wants to have a white. It also makes you the perfect host, offering your guests two options. And if you want to enjoy just one glass from a nice bottle you don’t need to pour the oxidized half of it down the drain two days later.

A quote on its website says, “Plum will transform wine the way Nespresso did with coffee.” I don’t know if Nespresso ever transformed coffee and I don’t know if Plum will revolutionize wine. It’s, nonetheless, a clever gadget.

A clever gadget weighing an impressive twenty kilograms and costing an impressive $ 1499. You could also buy two of them for $ 2799. It’s available for pre-order now and comes with one Zalto Denk’art Burgundy wine glass, hand blown in Austria. Revolutionary device or expensive gadget? We’ll leave that for you to decide.

Wine lovers, I present to you a wine appliance called Plum. I have no idea why they went for plum. If they had to go for a fruit, surely “grape” would have been a better fitting option, but maybe that’s a little too obvious.