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The 10 best-selling Champagnes in the world

An interesting ranking by The drink business analyzes in details the most diffused Champagne brands in the world. Let’s give it a look together.

gamme-canard-ducheneAround the world more than 300 millions of Champagne bottles are sold every year, mainly in the USA, Japan and Australia. And these are the big boys in the market.

10 – Canard-Duchêne: 4.000.038 bottles, +8,2%
One of the most settled Champagne producer, Canard-Duchêne is owned by the Thienot family. Particularly famous for the “de prestige” series, called Charles VII, which had an increase in sales since the winery started investing in sustainable and green production processes, including an entirely organic Champagne.

lanson_champagne_black_label_clear_glass_front-hires_39. Lanson: 4.320.000 bottles, +6.8%
The bearer of the rejection of malolattic fermentation, after some difficult years, are doing well, thanks to some interesting experiments on the wine aging in oak. Lanson sponsored Wimbledon for 26 years.

8 . Pommery: 4.920.000 bottles, -10% pommery-1
Amazing maison, very strong in the hospitality sector. We are all anxiously waiting for the 2003 vintage of the cru of Reims Les Clos Pompadour. After the 2003 vintages of Krug and Dom Perignon it seems this is the vintage to be.

7. Piper Heidsieck: 4.430.592 bottles, +2.9%
Aimg_8326mong the big ones, this is the winery undertaking the largest and most interesting transformation, although the results will not be visible before some years. Régis Camus created new products of higher quality and the coordinated management with the other Heidsieck, Charles, is making possible some very interesting cuvées.

6. Taittinger: 5.664.000 bottles, +1,3%TAITTINGER_01_590px
The champagne Germany should have toasted with at the last World Cup, is doing great. Always a symbol of quality, it’s in the market with the Comtes de Champagne 2002 right now, arousing marvels, plus some other gems as the sweet Nocturne and the bizzarre Folies de la Marqueterie, tickling the lovers of rarities.

Laurent-Perrier-1024x6875. Laurent Perrier: 7.008.000 bottles, +0,1%
A maison going green – actually floral – with its bizarre sponsorships, such as the Chelsea Flower Show and a series of inspired bucolic images. The series Grand Siècle in the last years is winning over many enthusiasts and experts, thanks to many good vintages one after the other.

4. Mumm: 7.488.000 bottles -6%
The mighty brand of adventurers and pilots, famous for seeking the masculine e7829_mumlegance of the Champagne, started a journey of great change and improvement of all the work in the vyneyards and in the cellars, with the arrival of the amazing chef de cave Didier Mariotti. It keeps sponsoring the Formula 1 and has a great attention to the emerging markets, such as Brazil, China and India.

3. Nicolas Feuillatte: 9.876.000 bottles, +8,2%
NicolasFeuillatte1_peterlippmannThe increase from the previous year is impressive but it’s part of trend going on for many years. Although the main market is the retail and the medium-lower segment, the profits are huge and all the partners are so happy that they decided to approve the construction of the new offices, even bigger than the already impressive actual ones.

2. Veuve Clicquot: 17.400.000 bottles, -1,6%
Among the most active Champagne brand for sponsorships and research, Veuve-Clicquot invested a lot in the launch of the series Cave Privée, a series of impressive vintages for quality and aging. An always prominent brand, getting cooler and cooler – think about the fake Russian marketing campaign of the soluble Champagne tablets, that, although not authorized by the Maison, gave and incredible visibility to the brand on the web.veuve_clicquot_tablets

1. Moët & Chandon: 28.980.000 +3,2%

Marvelous numbers for the undisputed queen, close to the incredible achievement of 30 millions of bottles.

From one side there are the socialite and “pop” products, such as the Moët Ice and the truffle popcorns branded by Moët, perfectly to be paired with the bubbles. On the other side, the winery takes seriously the collaborations with the great cuisine, like the recent partnership with the three-Michelin-stars chef Yannick Alléno. Also in the choose of the testimonials, Moët shows its grandeur: we didn’t forget the campaign with a wonderful, smiling and heart-throbbing Scarlett Johansson – and we will not anytime soon!Master Affichage Horizontal.indd