Old World vs New World
Wine Basics
Old World vs New World

Many people says they prefer Old to New or viceversa but how many really know the difference?

When we talk about the Old World of wines, we refer usually to Europe, which is considered the birthplace of wine

Some of the main Old World countries are: Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Austria, Greece, Portugal and Hungary.

New World wines come from those countries that were colonized by Europeans during the centuries, and in general all the countries which didn’t have wine among their traditional products.

Examples of New World countries are: USA, Chile, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina and South Africa. But Asia is growing fast, too!

Old World and New World wines tend to have some general differences, due both to environmental and human reasons.

Check our infographic to learn more and remember: both styles are amazing in their differences and have much to offer if you are open-minded and appreciate difference and variety.Old World vs New World