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Conventional wine VS Natural wine [infographic]

We all know that wines are made of grapes. But not every single bottle of them is naturally made 100%. It is common that wine producers love to see that their wines have a beautiful colour, pleasant smell and good taste. This is why most of them choose to interfere with their wines to obtain certain qualities.

In the wine making process these days, additives thus play an imporant role. Wine producers commonly use additives and methods such as acidification and enrichment to standardize their wines. They also use commercial yeast, instead of airborne yeasts, to make the fermentation of their wines more predictable. Filtration and fining process also becomes common in wine making to clarify wines.

Wine n’ About has gathered all the information about common additives and methods used for standardizing wines in the wine industry nowadays. This easy-to-understand infographic will help you see a clearer picture, showing the difference between conventional wines and natural wines. Cheers!