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Mae Chan Valley Winery 

3106292285_8e536b360bIn the North of Thailand, in Chiang Rai is the rich fertile valley of Mae Chan and also found here in Mae Chan district, is the successful Mae Chan Valley Winery. The beautiful natural surroundings are the source of the succulent grapes, suited to wine production, that grow over the vineyards throughout the valley. Visitors come to this area throughout the year to enjoy the scenery, partake in a wealth of outdoor activities and often, to discover the wines of Thailand.

Chiang Rai province is known for trekking tours to see hill tribes like the Akha, Lisu and Karens. Also, the tours to the Golden Triangle, the shopping border town of Myanmar and Thailand and the popular tea tasting in Mae Salong. When I heard that there’s a winery I thought that would be something different to see while we have the two days for ourselves.

Amphoe Maechan, for some it is an area that is at its most beautiful in the summer sun, when it shimmers on the vines and plantations; for others though, it is as the mist settles stubbornly in the valley in the depths of winter, that the surroundings and atmosphere truly stop you in your tracks. Whatever time of year you visit though, the valley will enchant you.

wine_sliderA vineyard and winery tour at the Mae Chan Valley Winery leads to fascinating discoveries and experiences that give visitors an understanding of Thai wines. The tour is hosted by friendly, experienced guides who explain the process of planting and caring for high quality grapes as well as the art of wine making; from visits to the highland vineyards to witness pruning, cultivating, planting, and harvesting the grapes discovering the winemaking processes in the winery.

va001The road up to Mae Chan Winery was about 40 km up north from Chiang Rai and we kind of got lost. This winery isn’t advertised that much only by word of mouth. We called them in advance and arranged a tour of the winery. 

Not only you get a tour of the winery there’s a resort you can stay as well. We plan to stay here next time as the pool is so inviting. This is 8348010091_5c6d76c09f_zthe best place to stay as the surrounding is spectacular with the lush green hills around you.

This particular region of Thailand is exceedingly popular with visitors, farmers and wine growers alike primarily for its wonderful climate; reflected in the diverse landscape that reveals scenes of agricultural glory alongside majestic sights of nature in all her glory. Vineyards, rice fields, tea plantations, imposing mountains, deep green valleys and tranquil lakes are the stuff of happy memories when the visit to Chiang Mai and the Mae Chan Valley is over.