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The king of wines

The Barolo, one of the most famous Italian wines of all time has been called “the King of Wines” for centuries.
Produced in the northern Italian region of Piedmont and made from the Nebbiolo grape, the Barolo is often described as having the aromas of tar and roses. The Barolo wines are noted for their ability to age and usually take on a rust red tinge as they mature.

Nebbiolo Grape Red Wine Buy Bangkok Thailand Barolo Pio Cesare Nebbiolo Piedmont ItalyThe birth of the king of wines
Prior to the mid-19th century, Barolo was a sweet wine, made of Nebbiolo grape. Camillo Benso, compte of Cavour, the mayor of Grinzane Cavour invited the French enologist Louis Oudart to the Barolo region to improve the winemaking techniques of the local producers.
When Oudart arrived in Piedmont, Barolo had been a simple, rustic, even sweet wine. Camillo Benso wanted something more noble to be created from his native red and believed a French wine consultant could do the job. Oudart made such an impressive wine that other producers in the region followed suit and a new style of Barolo was born, winning quite a few fans in the process—some of them even royals, like Vittorio Emanuele II, the first king of unified Italy.

The Burgundy of Italy
The Barolo is often called the Burgundy of Italy.

Firstly, the Nebbiolo grape is a lot like the Pinot Noir, the great red grape of Burgundy, in that it is also thin-skinned, difficult to grow and possessed of beguiling aromas.
Barolo, like Burgundy, comes from a specific set of communes, of which there are eleven in Piedmont’s Langhe hills.Red Wine Buy Bangkok Thailand Barolo Pio Cesare Nebbiolo Piedmont Italy Langhe

Pio Cesare Barolo: a king of kings

The Pio Cesare winery was founded in 1881 and was one of the very first wine producers to believe in the great potential and quality of Barolo and in the other great wines of Piemonte.

Red Wine Buy Bangkok Thailand Barolo Pio Cesare Nebbiolo Piedmont ItalyCesare Pio in the second portion of 1800s, was among the very first winemakers to produce these wines with a philosophy that was dedicated to the terroir and the strictest quality of the wine.

For five generations, the Pio Cesare family has been producing traditional Piemontese wines in its ancient cellars, located in the centre of the town of Alba.

Pio Cesare owns more than 50 hectares (130 acres) of vineyards, located in the most highly rated and better exposed areas and within the Barolo region, the “Ornato” Estate and the “Colombaro” Vineyard (in Serralunga d’Alba), the “Gustava” Estate (in Grinzane Cavour), the “Roncaglie” (in la Morra) and “Ravera” (in Barolo-Novello).

The Barolo of Pio Cesare is a classic Barolo, with excellent structure and harmony, Red Wine Buy Bangkok Thailand Barolo Pio Cesare Nebbiolo Piedmont Italymild tannins and balanced fruit. It is immediately approachable, but it has a very long ageing potential.

Sourced from family owned vine,it is fermented in stainless steel tanks with skin contact for about 20 days. Then aged in mid toasted French oak for 3 years: 70% in 20 to 50 hectoliters casks and 30% in barriques.

Perfect pairing for tasteful food such as beef, lamb or truffles, this is the wine for who love complex wines, with strong personality and full of taste.