A wine paradise in the Judean plain
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A wine paradise in the Judean plain

Nestled among the vines in Israel’s largest vineyard at Kibbutz Hulda, Barkan Winery continues a winemaking tradition that began at the end of the nineteenth century.

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Designed with the 21st century in mind, Barkan winery boasts the most advanced production technologies in the world.

The winery views itself as a combination of the best of Old and New World styles. It has set for itself a goal of producing ever better wines that are not only among Israel’s best, but stand with pride against wines from the entire world.

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Thanks to the enormous assortment of wine breeds and growth areas, the advanced fermentation methods, as well as over 5,000 natural oak barrels, Barkan winery is a real wine paradise.

From the very first days of existence, the winery has concentrated on one thing only: grapes’ quality. The top-grade breeds were brought from all over the world and put in Barkan vineyards in Israel. Nowadays, there are dozens of breeds occupying a grand total of over 10 square kilometers of vineyards in winery’s possession, while every breed is grown in an area suitable for it.

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Even the general manager, Shmuel Boxer, in charge since 1990, immediately realized that the cornerstone of the winery is the quality of its grapes. His goal was to improve the winery’s raw material, not only with an ambitious program of new vineyards, but improving the existing ones. The program continues and today Barkan is pioneering plantings in new regions such as the Judean Hills and Negev Mountains.

The winery also has over 5,000 French and American oak barrels, where the winery’s prestigious Special Reserve,Reserve, Altitude, Assemblage and Superieur wines aged up to 2 years.

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The Wines

Barkan Winery has a wide range of varietal wines and blends, which all have one thing in common: a story to tell. Whether it’s the Assemblage series that tells the story about the different wine-producing areas of Israel, or the Altitude Series that tells the story about how a single grape seed can produce completely different wines, when it is grown at different altitudes. The Barkan Winery team is very proud to tell each of these stories through their wines.

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All the wines from Barkan winery are certified Kosher and available in Thailand through their unique distributor, U&V Intertrade.

Try the Barkan wines and fall in love with the wine, its color, its hue, unique smell and deep aroma.


[Article by Federico Brandi]