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Australia’s Johnny Di Francesco beat pizzaiolos from all over the world in the Pizza World Championships in Italy.



Johnny Di Francesco’s margherita has been named the globe’s finest in the contest, known as the Pizza World Championships. To become a world champion in pizza making, you have just one chance to get it right. One pizza, one panel of judges, plenty of brow-furrowing questions on how you made the thing.

Di Francesco, who goes by the nickname Mr Pizza, explains that the doughy base must never be lifted off the counter by hand, as it attracts flour to the bottom. Flour burns in the oven.


So what does the best pizza in the world taste like? In a word, splendid. It is a worthy winner in a competition that attracted 600 entrants from 35 countries.

People think a margherita is easy, but it’s a hard pizza to make. There’s nowhere to hide with the flavors. Some margheritas are just drowning with cheese. That’s what he tried to avoid. With a lot of other pizzas it’s easy to mask the flavor with toppings so you don’t really get the flavor out of the dough. With a margherita there is no hiding anything that isn’t right.


margeFlour is a consuming passion for Di Francesco. He sources it from a long-established mill near Padua. His custom is appreciated, and the flour company has put Di Francesco’s drawn face on its packaging, which will stare at us as we eat.

The tomatoes are imported from Italy too, although the basil is grown locally. Great care is also taken over the buffalo mozzarella and olive oil. The tomatoes are sweet and zesty, although Di Francesco just adds a dash of salt, not sugar. The crust is perfectly cooked, while the basil and cheese combine beautifully. Unlike many pizzas, it’s not overly filling.

Move aside, Naples and Rome. Mr Pizza from Brunswick has trumped you both!!!

In addition of the perfect pizza you’ll need a perfect wine to pair it with. Here’s what our Director of Wine, Giulio Saverino, thinks.

When you pairing pizza with wine you need to take in consideration of a few components: crust, cheese, sauce and topping. In pizza Margherita the tomato sauce play main role in pairing with wine, because of its acidity and intense flavor.

Generally he prefers reds such as Barbera or Chianti with pizza Margherita, able to cut throw the acidity of tomato and stand up to fat of the cheese.


Another good option is Rosé wine from Provence or Puglia – Cheers!