Wine n' About | Bangkok for wine lovers – Episode I
Bangkok for wine lovers – Episode I

Quality and value for money wine is hardly found in Thailand, but some tricks can help to find great products for good prices.

In Thailand the amount of taxes on wine is pretty high and is unlikely to abate any time soon, so don’t hold your breath and find the good deals!

Where to buy wine in Bangkok?
Of course the first thought go to the well known Tesco, Villa Market, Big C and all the others, since their shelves are getting more and more populated with wines from all over the world and there’s been a flurry of venues opening, such as the many Wine Connections in town. This demonstrates that the demand is going up. Not only “Farangs” are asking for wine, but also a large and steadily-growing number of Thais wants to enjoy good wines.

While supermarkets are usually the first place to look for a wine but they can be daunting at best, due to the lack of information and the prices.

Our first suggestion is to go to specialized shops, such as the ones from Italasia, one of the main and older wine distributors in Thailand, with a large selection of products from France, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, and many other countries, both New World and Old World.

Why to go to these shops? Simple!

  • The wines are directly from the importer
    so the prices are better
  • The selection is wider and you can choose what you like the most
  • The staff is trained to help you choosing the right wine for you

Where to find them?

Italasia has 4 shops in Bangkok, all convenient located around downtown.

  1. The first is in the same building where is the HQ of the company. A small but well supplied shop at the ground floor of 253 Sukhumvit 21, in Asoke
  2. The second branch is located in Silom, at the 4th floor of the Silom Complex, next to the Sala Daeng station of the BTS.
  3. The third branch is in Chit Lom, at the ground floor of the CRC building, All Season place.
  4. Finally, the last branch is at the Crystal Design Center, in Pradist Manudham Road.

Try them and give us your opinions? Do you have other tips to find good “value for money” wines in Bangkok? Share with us!
Stay tuned for our next episode of Bangkok for wine lovers!