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The Golden Pairing

Ravioli with melon, prosciutto crudo and meat filling with stracciatella cheese and red wine sauce

By Chef Claudio Arciglione, Executive Chef of Gold Restaurant by Dolce and Gabbana


Cook the melons – once cleaned – at low temperature, 68° C for 12 minutes. Cool them in water and ice. Mix it. Filter overnight, and then divide the puree obtained in two equal parts. First part places it in the flour and uses it to make the fresh pasta. To make the dough lighter, use only 5 eggs instead of 10. Add the purée. Let it rest a bit and then make the pasta.

Restaurant-Gold-DGThe other part of the puree it’s for the filling. Mix it with prosciutto crudo and veal meat. Since melon as it is would be too watery for the filling, make a jelly of it. Place the puree in bain-maire with some starch at 68° C. (proportion: 1/2 Kg of puree, 55 gr of corn or rice starch). Then add it to the meat.

Ravioli Sauce

You can make the sauce tepid or cold. Cold, just mix the stracciatella cheese and place it on the bottom of the serving bowl. Tepid: use a base of milk instead of cream milk so it’s lighter, and add the mixed stracciatella.” Pour the sauce on the ravioli. Sautè them with butter and sage and decorate with melon pearls which will add some sweetness. Make a reduction out of a red wine, which you can add cold, too.



Tip for a beautiful dish: fry a slice of prosciutto with seed oil.

Wine Chef recommends: a full-bodied red wine from Apulia