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Who says that wine is sold only offline?

Online sales are a reality in many countries. The top 10 of the best online buyers includes the USA, China, Japan, South Korea, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Singapore, Sweden.

Red Wine bottle and glass by_foto4advertAll over around the world eCommerce sites are blooming and booming. Also wine producers understand the trend and are catching up with the trend.

In Italy, 9 wineries out of 10 have a website linked to social media, and although not all of them are active, the interest in sales by mobile and neuromarketing strategies is growing.

According to a research by the digital agency BeSharable, presented at the Wine business forum wine2wine, and which considered a sample of 3’439 Italian wineries, 94% of them have a website and use social media: Facebook in primis with a 73%, followed by Twitter with a 30% and Instagram with a small 16%.

96% of the wineries have a website in English but only 6% in Chinese and 3% in Russian.

Social Media Store Social NetworkWine eCommerce?

It is growing steadily around the world with some major success cases, like the French platform vente-privee which sold more than 3.3 millions of bottles online in the 2013, producing a sales volume of 42 millions of US$, with purchases from mobile and tablet reaching the 36% in 2014, and reaching peaks of 600 bottles sold in one hour  and 4’500 in two days.

The importance of Neuromarketing

The wine hi-tech frontier doesn’t stop at the social networks and eCommerce. One of the most effective strategies is the neuromarketing, an hybrid between neuro-sciences and advertisement to define the impact of a campaign analyzing the emotions of the audience. Evaluating the effectiveness of a campaign help to calibrate the efforts according to the results and to qualify the returns on investment.

The advertisement agency Marco Polo Experience together with the IULM institute from Milan defined how to understand the results of a marketing campaign.

There are many examples:  the importance of the label to make it more appealing to the customer, the advertisement testimonial staring to the bottle tempt the buyer more than onRed Wine Tenuta dell'Ornellaia 25th anniversary bottle Tuscany Italye trying to actually sell the product, a widely advertised brand gives more confidence to online buyers, and many others.

In countries where wine is a new trend, the brand is often more important than the quality. Some products have been able to conquer difficult markets thanks to intensive campaigns to increase the brand awareness.

Of course, a brand without quality eventually will lose market shares. So, although the importance of marketing and brand awareness, the focus on quality should not be put aside.