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DIY Alcohol has never been easier

You might have flirted with the idea of producing your own alcohol, but found the standards of hygiene to cumbersome. Or perhaps the amount of equipment, space and time it required was overburdening. Now, however, there is a Taiwanese solution that makes brewing your own hooch a stroll in the park.

A Taiwanese startup, Alchema, has created a device that makes brewing your own cider as easy as making a fruit salad. The device is a large stainless steel egg, roughly the size of a Kitchenaid. Closed, the egg looks like it comes straight out of Star Wars. Once opened, the device simply reveals a large pitcher, holding around 2.4 liters, in which you put the ingredients for your cider.


Using it couldn’t be easier. First, the device cleans the pitcher with UV light, getting rid of any microorganisms that could interfere with the fermentation process. Then, you add fruit, water, sugar, and yeast, following one of the hundred recipes from Alchema’s smartphone application.

The device, connected to your phone via the Alchema app, tells you exactly how much of each ingredient you need to put in via its built-in scale. After this, you close the egg and wait for one to three weeks for the final product. You can follow various recipes but also create your own by indicating how you like your cider.

The device will be available from July onwards and is currently available for pre-order at $ 429. If you buy one of these, we would love to sample your first batch.