Wine n’ About | Man, You Should Have Known Better!
Man, You Should Have Known Better!

Why a Man Should Understand Wine

There are a number of things men are expected to understand these days – sports, politics, home repair, cars, and yes, wine. But why wine? It turns out that there are some benefits for a man who knows about wine.


Understanding wine has many levels, of course. One does not have to have a 20,000-bottle wine cellar and a degree in advanced wine theory from Napa Valley University to understand wine. A little knowledge goes as long way, and understanding the basics of wine making, wine types, and wine tasting can be a real help for a man in a number of situations.

Knowledge of Wine Might Impress Women tumblr_n6r76rSIwW1sws325o2_500 Some women really appreciate a man who knows his wine. Wine is a social drink, and it can be sexy. When a man is clearly drinking a high quality wine, especially if he’s not drinking it with ice or with a crazy straw or something wild like that, he shows a certain level of sophistication.

Ordering wine from a bar or restaurant can be intimidating, so a woman could be impressed by a man with the confidence to order wine without hesitation. When a man can pick a winner out of a wine list or ask the right questions of the waiter or sommelier, it makes him look like he knows what he’s doing. This impresses the heck out of most women.

Wine Knowledge Can Help a Man Be More Successful in Business

LT_IPA_Final There have been many parallels drawn between the idea of a successful date and the idea of closing a deal, so in some ways the same characteristics that make a wine expert attractive to a woman might make them attractive to a business partner as well. Let’s face it, more business deals are concluded over a drink than in a boardroom. Being able to recognize and order a fine wine when out with business associates goes a long way toward demonstrating competence.

Every now and then in business, you’re going to entertain someone, whether it’s a boss, an employee, a client, or even a rival. This doesn’t mean you have to polish up your standup routine or learn to sing Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance,” but it does mean that you’re going to have to dust off your wallet and try to provide a high-quality dining or drinking experience. This is not achieved with a wine that comes in a box or with a convenient screw-on cap. To impress people in this environment, you need to have a good understanding of quality wine. It’s not just about how pretty the label is.

Understanding Wine May Improve Your Quality of Life


What a lot of people don’t understand about wine appreciation is that it is a pursuit in and of itself. It’s not just about being able to impress people with your ability to identify a wine or being able to pick the right wine off of an extensive wine list; it’s about the thrill of developing your skills and expanding your horizons.

Wine appreciation is a hobby that can bring hours of enjoyment as well as the pride of accomplishment.   When talking about quality of life, let’s not overlook the fact that people who know wines usually do not subject themselves to bad wine. Life is too short to drink vinegar, and a wine aficionado knows how to avoid obviously bad wines and select good ones.

Whether talking about relationships, work, health, or just general quality of life, an understanding of wine can be very useful for a man to have. Even learning the basics about wine could prove to be enough to help a man make the most of many situations and get more enjoyment out of life.