1001 hangover cures
1001 hangover cures

Take multiple consumptions of your preferable alcoholic beverage. Let the mixture rest in the digestive system overnight. If done right you should end up with a dry mouth, a headache, a stomachache and feelings of loathing and regret. Congratulations you have created a hangover.

This recipe is quite simple. Drink too much and you’ll suffer the next day. There’s only one way to the kingdom of the stale mouth and the pounding head yet there are many ways out of it. At least that’s what people claim. Ask every person who drinks alcohol for a hangover cure and you’ll likely get a different response every single time.

Everyone knows the standard basic measures. Drink plenty of water and take an aspirin. But that usually doesn’t work, does it? It might ease the pain a little but your hangover isn’t gone. Maybe you should try Cuban musician Compay Segundo’s recipe. Fry a chicken neck and make soup out of it and drink it. He claims the concoction has helped him to reach great age. It works too, between getting out of bed, going to buy chicken neck, chopping it up, frying it and making soup out of it your day and subsequently your hangover will be over.chicken soup

Chicken neck soup might not be the most appealing thing to eat. Don’t worry, plenty of other hangover eliminating foods around. A lot of them include raw eggs. There’s different ways of getting them into your system. One way is to put a raw egg in a glass of beer and down it in one time. A variety calls for half beer, half orange juice and an egg. Another way to do things is putting two raw eggs in a glass of vinegar, delicious and nutritious.raw eggs

If raw eggs and beer don’t go down well first thing in the morning you could always try the banana cow. Take one banana, a dash of angostura bitters, a teaspoon of sugar, a dash of vanilla, 150 ml of milk, 50 ml of light rum and a scoop of shaved ice. Blend all this into a drinkable sludge and your hangover will be nothing more than a distant memory, faded away by the sands of time. British chef Fergus Henderson keeps it simple by mixing Fernet and crème de menthe over a lot of ice.banana smoothie

I have one, take all the above ingredients for every drink and throw them in the trashcan except for the beer. Drink the beer. Now you’ve rescheduled your hangover for, perhaps, a more suitable time.

The Internet suggests a different method involving beer. Before you go to bed, if your drunken self can remember this, open a bottle of beer and leave it by your bed. Drink it when you wake up. If you don’t like the taste of stale beer, however, you can always enjoy some stale popcorn before bed. Trust me it’s a miracle cure. The Italians, apparently, like to take preventive measures by ingesting half a pint of olive oil before going out. I also found something about Eastern-European tripe soup but I won’t go into that.thai hangover remedy

I keep a list of all of these tricks and cures by my bed. When I wake up hung over I go over the list. Then I put it back in the drawer. Then I wait till the pain subsides.


[Article by Alexander Eeckhout]