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Father’s Day Wine Gifts

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“Dad: A son’s first hero. A daughter’s first love.” Not sure what to get your Dad for Father’s Day? Treat him to something you know he’ll love – anything related to wine! Father’s Day is almost here. If you’re like me you’ve procrastinated, mainly because Dads can be hard to buy for. But if your father loves wine, here are gift ideas he’s sure to enjoy.

Whether you’re buying a Father’s Day wine gift for your father, your husband, your father in-law, an extended family member, or close friend, finding a meaningful, memorable gift that he’ll really enjoy can often be a challenging task. Let someone else buy the tie, you’ll score a home-run with any of our gift ideas for dad. We’ve got the perfect Father’s Day gift for every Dad in your life.

Cupa-Vino Glasses by Semplicupavinoglass

Sempli’s hand-blown wine glasses were created after Swedish designer, and Sempli owner, Daniele Semeraro realized that the stem on a traditional glass was aesthetically and technically superfluous. As an alternative, Semeraro designed these Cupa wine glasses.

Made from lead-free crystal, their unique stemless construction creates a swirling rotation when set down, which assists the oxygenation of the wine. Enhance the sensory experience of enjoying a glass of your favorite vino. This glass also lends itself perfectly for a refreshing cocktail like a Mojito or Singapore Sling!

winepressCider & Wine Press

The fresh and vibrant flavor of juice pressed from a barrel of just-harvested fruit is far superior to any of the store-bought varieties. This classically designed barrel-shaped press makes quick and easy work of pressing fruit into juice at home. Enjoy the juice fresh, or use it to make cider or wine. The easy-to-use press works equally well on most types of your favorite fruit, from apples and grapes to citrus, berries, cherries and most varieties of stone fruit. Simple to use: load fruit into the 16-qt. wooden barrel, then turn a lever to press wooden blocks onto the fruit, forcing fresh juice through the barrel stays.

Decorpro Vino Wine Holder

The Decorpro Vino Wine Holder features a unique shape that holds 1 bottle of wine and two wine glasses. Place it on your kitchen counter or mount on the wall.

Corvi Concrete Wine Coolercorviconcretewinecooler

The Corvi Wine Cooler is an elegant option for those searching for a sophisticated way to store their favorite vintage. Inspired by the simplicity of stone, the cooler’s clean, sharp planes offer a refined interpretation of the facets of a gem. Handcrafted from concrete using an advanced casting method that conveys strength in a slender profile, the vessel feels soft to the touch. The strikingly modern piece is rooted in designer Francisco Corvi’s heritage: “In Argentina, wine is a symbol of high society. The wine cooler is a piece of me, my roots and my life.” Aside from its contemporary character, concrete is an ideal functional medium for maintaining temperature. After being placed in the freezer, it remains chilled for a long time due to its mass. Individual coolers can be stacked in an infinite array of designs to create a personalized wine cellar. Handmade in Chicago, USA.

wineglasswriterWine Glass Writer Metallic Pens

With the Wine Glass Writer Metallic Pens, you’ll never have to worry about swapping glasses again. Wine markers stay on for the party, and washes off with a sponge or in the dishwasher. (Wait 30 seconds after writing on glass until ink sets.) The Wine Glass Writer pen uses non-toxic, patented ink. These markers also write on leaded crystal, plastic, and glazed ceramics. Pack includes six pens; metallic silver, metallic gold, metallic green, metallic pink, metallic purple, metallic blue.

Le Creuset Geo Leverpull Wine Openerlecreusetgeoleverpullwineopener

This state-of-the-art corkscrew allows you to open bottles of wine with the ease (no more worrying about ruining that expensive bottle!) and expertise of a sommelier.

Position the Leverpull over the top of the wine bottle, push the lever down, then lift to remove the cork. Another push of the lever releases the cork from the opener.

Hardened stainless-steel screw is coated with Teflon for smooth operation.

Made of durable aluminum with an antique chrome finish.

liquorchillerspiritpreservationLiquor Chiller Spirit Preservation Kit

Chills colder than ice. Keep spirits at the right temperature and tasting like they should longer. This ceramic liquor chiller helps preserve the original taste of your prized whiskey, tequila, vodka, or even moonshine by chilling it to 15 degrees Fahrenheit—colder than ice! Spindle & Sin has handcrafted this barrel chiller so you can pour your favorite liquor into the tank, chill it without adding ice, and sip away or shoot your favorite drink anytime. Preserves spirit flavors longer than traditional storage. Handcrafted ceramic barrel. Quiet thermoelectric cooling. Easy pour faucet and drip tray.

Automatic Wine Preserverautomaticwinepreserver

Ensure that your wine stays fresher to the last drop. Automatic Wine Preserver automatically pumps air out of an opened bottle of wine to help prevent oxidation, which can degrade flavor and bouquet. Simply insert into an opened bottle, secure, and the vacuum automatically removes all excess air to help keep your wine fresher between glasses. Is your wine at the right serving temp? Now you’ll always know. The Automatic Wine Preserver’s built-in thermometer monitors wine temperature to help you serve it at the correct temperature. Measures and displays temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit and shows the number of days bottle has been open on an easy-to-read backlit LCD readout. There’s even a screen that tells you when you last opened the bottle. Preserver fits most 750mL bottles, with a low-profile design that fits easily in a fridge and in or under a cabinet.

So here we’ve got you covered this year for Father’s Day with these gift ideas. We’ve chosen quite interesting wine gifts for Father’s Day and conveniently brought them in one place. What’s so great about them? Well for starters there are no ties here. In addition to that, they’re refined and unique. Some are even customizable, meaning none of his friends are likely to get the same thing – bragging rights!