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Wine Resolutions

Another year has passed as another one starts. Some people would say that people are incapable of change, stuck into routines and habits like a hamster in its wheel. At Wine ‘n About we don’t harbor such negative feelings and firmly believe people can and do change for the better. So without further ado, here are our wine resolutions for the new year.



-I will follow drinking recommendations as stated by health authorities and organizations.

Wait is that all you’re allowed to drink? One extra glass (or three) won’t hurt I guess.

– I will document every wine I drink, and the people I drink with and any wine related event on Delectable.

Why does using this app become such an ordeal every time I’ve had a couple of drinks. Pfff, I’ll just post about this tomorrow.

-I won’t pick out random wines in a hurry anymore at the supermarket. I’ll do extensive research before buying any wine.

Shit, is it 7 already? Alright, which bottles has the nicest label.

-I’ll educate myself more on wine.

After finishing the new Games of Thrones and Westworld episodes of course.

-I will properly pair the food I cook with the right wines. I will test combinations in order to achieve perfect pairing.

Or…I could just look at what the label on the back of the bottle says?

-I will drink only water during weekday lunches from now on.

Ugh, I really need a lie-down, how long is this meeting going to last?

-I will not spend my hard earned money on useless wine gadgets I read about on Wine ‘n About.

Ooooh…this one looks cool. *Looks up French wine opener on Amazon.*

Don’t forget discipline and hard work are required to become better people. Or we could just have a nice glass of wine?


Happy New Year!