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Tool to change the way you drink wine

Here comes again, a new innovation for wine lovers to enjoy their wine quickly and differently.

Admit it, pouring wine can be boring and making a mess on your table. (even a professional wine drinker can make a mistake like this sometimes). Another problem from pouring wine is that you are likely to create a wine dripping over the mouth of the wine bottle and make your beautiful wine label dirty.

‘Guzzle Buddy’ is a quirky tool that will immediately transforms your wine bottle into your wine glass. It’s simple to use: simply screw it on and unscrew it off.

However, we found its disadvantage when it comes to throwing a wine party with several friends. How can we share the same bottle drinking wine this way? Take turn and sip? We are not sure that will look good though.

Perhaps, ‘Guzzle Buddy’ fits well for a wine lover, who love to enjoy the whole bottle of wine in a very different way all alone on a sofa on a lazy day.

To get your hands on a ‘Guzzle Buddy’, see this video.